One Piece: “Soul King” Brook, the MVP of Straw-hat Pirates.

Brook: “Soul King” Brook is the performer of the Straw Hat Pirates and one of their two fighters. He is the 10th individual from the team and the eighth to join, doing as such toward the finish of the Thriller Bark Arc.

Brook ate the Yomi no Mi, which permitted him to get back to eternal life once. Brook, in the end, figured out how to tap further into the forces of his Devil Fruit, giving him critical power over his spirit and the spirits of others.

His fantasy is to re-join with his old companion, Laboon, at Reverse Mountain, where he lives with Crocus. Initially, as a crewmate from the Rumbar Pirates, he kicked the bucket and was revived through the force of the Yomi no Mi.

Notwithstanding, because of the measure of time it took for his spirit to discover his body, it was decreased to a skeleton, keeping just his afro flawless. It was a long time since Brook was first floated alone in the Florian Triangle after he met with Luffy and other Straw Hats’ during the Thriller Bark Arc before joining the group. He, as of now, has an abundance of Beli 83,000,000.


Brook Personality

However much Brook ordinarily messes about on the Sunny, mostly participating in playful activities of nonsensicalness with Luffy, he is as yet a considerable adversary.

At the point when Brook battles, his fights regularly have a clever component to them, including making a couple of the individuals from his team laugh off while battling the Flying Fish Riders, playing the dead part of the way through a fight. After the time skip, Brook’s general abilities have demonstrated to be a vital resource during the fight.

He crushed the energy steroid-controlled Zeo with no trouble and cut down Giolla of the Donquixote Pirates. He can even endure having his head cut off, proceeding to talk, smell, and see while it is confined. Notwithstanding, he is as yet equipped for feeling torment.

Because of his absence of tissue, Brook is impervious to lightning strikes and high and low temperatures. He is additionally invulnerable to Caesar’s Shinokuni gas. Brook doesn’t age, as his body comprises bones, and he keeps on developing further despite being 90 years of age. He is fit for putting away items inside his skull, for example, a Tone Dial and Poneglyph rubbings.


Empathic Abilities

Brook’s lean body permits him to play out a wide assortment of acts that would be unimaginable or deadly for a typical human to do. However long his body stays solid and flawless, he will live, and he can undoubtedly fix any bone harm basically by devouring milk.

In addition, Brook is impervious to lightning strikes and high and low temperatures. Brook likewise has an immense measure of perseverance, as he had the option to stay cognizant after Bartholomew Kuma utilized his Ursus Shock on Thriller Bark and had the opportunity to get up a few times after getting exceptional attacks from Big Mom and her three homies—Napoleon, Prometheus, and Zeus.

Since his skeleton body doesn’t have any tissue or organs, Brook is exceptionally lightweight, speeding up and ready. This makes him the quickest individual from the Straw Hats. He can stumble into the water without sinking. Since he is dead as his skeletal body needs skin or blood, Brook is insusceptible to the Ice Oni infection and probably other comparable ailments.


Brook Musical Skills

he is an amazingly gifted music artist in playing a wide range of instruments, especially the violin, his #1 instrument.


Brook Devil Fruit Ability

Brook ate the Yomi- Yomi no Mi when he was still alive and kicking. It is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that permitted his spirit to get back to the universe of the living and reinhabit his body after he died.

This permits him to live inside his own dead body, which had as of now decayed into a skeleton when his spirit discovered its direction back to it, and he can even play out every one of the capacities he did when his body contained tissue and muscle.

He can make his returned soul briefly separate from his body with the goal that it can move autonomously of his body, viably making him a phantom. His spirit energy oozes unadulterated briskness, called the “chills of the Underworld”, and permits Brook to move this freezing atmosphere to objects similar to his blade.

With this emanation, he is equipped for freezing his environmental factors, as seen when he transformed the ground around him on Zou into ice. On the off chance that his skeletal body is broken into pieces, he can stretch out soul ringlets to the cut-off body parts and pull them once again into the right spot.

Likewise, he is equipped to apply his spirit ability to influence and overpower creatures with more fragile spirits, like Homies. Since he is, in fact, dead as his skeletal body needs skin or blood, Brook is insusceptible to the Ice Oni infection and probably other comparable sicknesses.

Expert Swordsmanship

Brook utilizes a sort of blade called a shikomizue, a sword covered inside a stick. He uses this blade related to his fencing abilities and has had it for something like fifty years. Brook’s Gentle Blade style is apparently somewhat more centered on the dynamics of speed and also the actual accuracy, while Zoro’s style is more centered on force and utilizes a gigantic measure of actual strength.

After the time skip, Brook has named his blade “Soul Solid” because of him fostering the capacity to cover it with the atmosphere of his spirit, freezing it all the while, and any individual who further comes into contact with it. He additionally guaranteed that the Longarm Tribe had assisted him with honing the sword.

His force and ability in swordsmanship have likewise expanded to the degree where a samurai from Wano has praised his expertise. He is also now ready to utilize flying cuts comparable to Zoro’s and Kin’emon’s. Like Zoro, Brook would now be able to cut materials more enthusiastically than steel as he had the option to chop down a dragon, whose scales are more complex than steel.

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