BTS Be Album: Hidden Meanings and Internal Details

BTS Be is the fifth Korean language and overall ninth album sung by the South Korean boy band BTS. It was released on 20 November 2020 and it was created by BTS in response to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic. Be was a try to explain the perspective of life that BTS developed during this pandemic.

BTS contributed to different aspects of the making of this song like development, visual design, production, and songwriting.

BTS Be Album
BTS Be Album: Hidden Meanings and Internal Details

How did BTS come up with the idea of Be? (BTS Be Album)

After the release of the fourth Korean album of BTS, Map of the Soul,

which gained a lot of commercial and critical praise, BTS was about to begin the concert tour of their newly released album. Map of the Soul, but their concert tour got hit by the pandemic and they had to cancel all their tours, and according to BTS at that time they developed a different perspective towards life. They started looking at life in a different way and that’s what inspired them to write their newest album Be.

BTS Be Album

During a youtube broadcast, RM told their fans that they are working on a new song and he also said that

they will Be sharing the self-made preparation videos of the songs as part of their initiative of interacting with their fans during the lockdown.

In subsequent podcasts, it was reveale that the band members are going to be heavily involve in the making of this album, and in one of the interviews, BTS also stated that working on the various aspects of the making of this album has made them more creative and also made them discover other aspects of music.

What does Be stand for?

As I have told earlier, that BTS took inspiration from the emotions that they develop towards life

at the time of this pandemic hence Be was create out of frustration, powerlessness, and anxiety, and as the title reflects Be stands for Being, Being in the current world, Being yourself, Being able to see the reality of what is happening around.

BTS Be Album

Be, as defined by BTS, was a way to motivate and inspire people during this hard time

and to give them a letter of hope in the dark world and a silver lining in the dark cloud.

The album has a very wide range of emotions and it covers various aspects of a human’s life like depression, anxiety, fear, sadness, frustration, restlessness, resolve, hope and joy.

With the efforts and dedication shown by BTS for this song was finally release on 20 November 2020

and has impresse the hearts of their millions and millions of fans.

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