Giving fans BTS BUTTER a very preview of the upcoming new song’s danceable with a grooving beat.

This is 2021 and BTS is still yet able to continue to tease with their upcoming single titled “Butter”. They have launched a teaser over YouTube.

On YouTube which will be launched on May 21/2021, at 12 a.m. EST.


HYBE Corporation is the one who has unveiled this very first teaser for Danceable BTS’ upcoming (single) titled “Butter”. They had initially announced this news through a few hour-long streams.

This new teaser is a short clip video.

one and only official YouTube channel. This teaser shows all of seven members who are nodding their heads over the song’s Grooving and danceable beats. “Butter” which will mark BTS’ 2nd English-language single, will be following last year’s “Dynamite”.

many hard-core BTS fans are trying to search for hints and clues,

and also about the details around this upcoming music videos.

The 7 K-pop group members are captured in the new teaser.

and all of them are wearing white and gray suits. These looks give a V donning an all-orange kind of look.

but regarding the main track “BUTTER” itself.

The HYBE organization describes the “Butter” song as a danceable grooving pop track that will be brimming with the very smooth yet superb charismatic charm of the Team.

The group BTS is planning to unveil a charismatic music video

BTS also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a 7 member South Korean boy band

that in 2010 and debuted in 2013.

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