Which country has the most BTS fans?

BTS fans country: BTS is one of the best or rather the best K-pop singing bands and is loved, followed, listened and admired by many young followers all across the globe.

there have followers in almost all the notable countries of the world but if we think about which country has the highest number of BTS followers

BTS fans country
BTS fans country: Which country has the most BTS fans?

in the continuously increasing fan base of BTS then this question needs an answer and that’s what I have come up with.

BTS the Bangtan Boys:

BTS is one of the many bands of k-pop music also known as Korean pop music. K-pop was the music that rescued the dwindling and lost pop music and BTS has played a big part

in that and has done most of the part of this rescue process and because of which BTS music band has become so famous.

BTS fans country

BTS fan following has become so large over the years that many fans have even started taking polls

regarding which country loves BTS the most and has the most followers of BTS in it. became extremely popular after the split up in one direction and with time BTS popularity has just grown exponentially.

BTS has seven members in it and these members are as listed below.

1. Jimin

2. RM

3. V

4. J-Hope

5. Jin

6. Suga

7. Jungkook

These seven members have won the heart of millions and billions of fans across the world with their songs, dance

that they bring on the stage, their uniqueness, their fashion sense and even their looks.

BTS fans country

Which country has the highest number of BTS army?

With the immense popularity of the BTS, it is no wonder that every country has some members in the BTS army,

and almost every follower of BTS has started identifying himself as a member of the BTS army. Which country has the most BTS followers is not a question that only new BTS army members ask,

it is a question that every BTS fan, in general, wants to know BTS is not an old band it is a quite younger band with their starting in 2013,

they started to gain popularity in 2015 and now they have grown bigger like anything and won billions of Heart,

and has become one of the most successful bands and certainly one of the best bands of today’s era.

Now let me come to the answer, so there were many polls conducted by the members of the BTS army and there were many educative and well studied predictions included in finding that which country has the highest fan base for BTS in the entire world.

Now below is the list of countries ranked in order of the most number of fans that each country have for BTS.


South Korea









So according to this list Philippians has ranked 1 in the number of the BTS army members or BTS followers that this country has.

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