which one are the BTS members dating?

BTS members dating: So we cannot deny the fact that the BTS members are as good looking as they are talented and because of which many fans and followers,

are always concerned about the relationship status of the BTS members and are always interested in knowing that who the ones that the BTS members are dating.

BTS members dating
BTS members dating: which one are the BTS members dating?

BTS starts in 2013 and it began gaining popularity in 2015, but over these years, any member of BTS has not open up

about his relationship status which is partly because of the common South Korean practice in which Korean boys or girls

bands don’t open up about their relationship in public as it may impact their career negatively, hence we have never heard of any BTS member, dating anyone.

But things have changed and we are also seeing changes in this relationship things and that’s why after the release of the new album of BTS, “butter”,

BTS members dating

when one of the interviewers asked them that (BTS members dating)

how their fans would react when they will come to know about their relationship status and in response to the question Suga replied that the fan base is a very diverse group and each one has their own way of thinking and reacting

and that’s why different people will react differently and will understand it differently, some may accept it while some may not.

BTS members dating

So he has given some hint in this statement that something is going on which the BTS members are hiding in some of the other forms from their fans, as in the response of the question they might have directly refused the question

that they are not dating anyone and the question is irrelevant but they tried the other way around and answered it neither acceptance nor rejection manner which means anything is possible in this relationship related question.

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