Buddha Record of Ragnarok: The Strongest Adolescent

Buddha Record: Buddha represents humanity in the sixth round of Ragnarok and competes against Zerofuku, although he was initially included as a representative of the gods. he is a prominent deity and the head of the Buddhist pantheon, as the founder of Buddhism, one of the four stages, and one of the few divine beings besides Heracles and the Valkyries.

They are not in favor of destroying humanity. Buddha used to be a person called “Gautama Siddhartha” and a famous philosophical figure from ancient Nepal before reaching enlightenment and finally ascending to divinity. The structure of Buddha is the tall, muscular man in a tank top with glasses, along with a robe tied around his waist that wraps up to the hands.

Buddha Record

Adding, he wears a Bindi on his forehead and his light green hair, black on the sides, classic/old-fashioned tied back with what appears to be a golden crown. He also wears earrings, rectangular glasses, and elongated earlobes. He has sharp canines and is seen sucking on a lollipop most of the time. The tank top he wears is accompanied by a rabbit design with an eye patch with the word “USACHAN” written directly underneath.

Buddhist story of the lunar rabbit

The rabbit may refer to the Buddhist story of the lunar rabbit, which symbolizes a supreme act of altruism. Buddha’s eyes are usually entirely black without pupils, but occasionally a lily appears in each eye to represent the seven lilies that occurred when he took his first steps. His self-confidence is so great that he said that he would not mind challenging Zeus in the face of his fellow gods, as he saw when he ignored everything Loki had to say, he even yawned when Ebisu threatened to kill him, and he challenged Zeus.

Buddha Record

‘Words and agreements, he told all the gods present to be quiet and threatened to kill anyone who got in his way. Rather than this, Buddha feels a serious craving to secure mankind, as seen when he conflicts with Zeus’ orders and battles for individuals. However, he has previously consented and still calmly tells every god present to kill anyone who tries to stop him.

Buddha is also predisposed towards certain people, as seen when he does not share her sweets with Zeus but openly offers popcorn to Brunhilde and is more open-minded with her than Zeus. Buddha tends to say “Shaddap” frequently, which reinforces his childish demeanour.

Capabilities (Buddha Record)

Divine Physiology: Like God, Buddha is a being with consecrated and extraordinary characteristics and properties far better than any common individual. As with all gods, his body is entirely invulnerable to artificial weapons, but he can still be injured by physical attacks from people with superhuman strength and divine weapons.

Semi-immortality: Like all gods, Buddha is always young because he cannot die due to old age.

Wisdom: As one of the four sages, Buddha has excellent knowledge. He is known as the enlightened one who rediscovered an ancient way of releasing attachments and cravings and escaping the cycle of birth and rebirth.

Divine Strength: Buddha has divine actual strength, as uncovered when a light kick from the Buddha harmed Zerofuku such a lot of that he hacked up blood and couldn’t relax. Buddha could likewise hit Zerofuku’s goliath hatchet with his safeguard and hit with such power that he drained.

Divine Speed ​​and Reflexes: Buddha managed to react and dodge Ebisu’s lightning shot with ease and finesse, and was able to easily keep up with Zeus in speed and reflexes as he tried to keep his bowl of sweets away from him effortlessly dodging his incessant and blinding axe blows and occasionally even moved at speeds that surpassed Zerofuku. With the help of his “Pure Enlightenment Eight Consciousness” skill, his reaction time is further improved.

The six Realms of Buddhism. (Buddha Record)

Empowerment of the Buddhist Empire: As the founder of Buddhism, Buddha can draw power from the six worlds into which humanity can reincarnate, better known as the six kingdoms, each with a form of Bodhisattva Kannon that protects him. This power takes the form of his staff of six empires, which stores the energy of these six guardian Buddhas.

Common Destiny: Due to his connection with the Pure Land, Buddha has access to the power of “Common Destiny” present in Buddhism’s world. The control of Common Destiny enables a person to reach her full potential by entrusting her destiny to another.

Even before the Ragnarok, Brunhilde sought him out to learn more about “intertwined destinies” so that the “Volund” of the Valkyries would allow them to fight the gods by entrusting their lives to the bearer. Through this concept, people can harm the gods with their weapons.

Pure Enlightenment Eight Consciousness: A divine ability that only the enlightened can use. It is an ability that allows Buddha to see the future by reading the fluctuations in the moments of a soul.

Techniques (Buddha Record)

Rotate Over Six Realms: A divine weapon transformation technique channeled with the Buddha’s Six Realms Staff. Once activated, the scrolls materialize from the staff and slowly devour them. Notwithstanding, the weapon changes to all the more likely suit the Buddha’s sentiments to not choose which weapon to use.

First Realm: Divine Realm, Wish Fulfillment Wheel KannonLokapala: The Staff of the Six Kingdoms transforms into the “Twelve Deva Ax”, a giant halberd that the Buddha uses to counter the nunchaku swords of Zerofuku.

Second Realm: Human Kingdom, Unbreakable Cord KannonAkshaya: The Staff of the Six Kingdoms transforms into the “Indestructible Short Sword Varja”, a short sword with which the Buddha defends himself against the storm formation of Zerofuku and fights in close combat. Body.

Third Realm: Horse-faced Animal Realm Kannon Nirvana: The Six Realms Staff transforms into a giant spiked club capable of massive blunt force, nearly knocking Zerofuku down with a single blow.

Fourth Realm: the Asura Kingdom, elf face Kannon Ahimsa: The Staff of the Six Kingdoms transforms into “The Shield to Destroy the Seven Misfortunes”, a massive shield that can withstand Zerofuku’s giant axe without taking damage.

Fifth Realm: Preta-Kingdom, Saint Kannon Salakayas: The staff of the Six Kingdoms transforms into the “Scythe of the Wild God”, a vast lion-headed scythe. It turns out that the emotion of hatred activates this form.

Karma Destruction of the cycle of samsara:

Buddha adopts an elevated posture towards Salakayas and channels the dead souls towards him before swinging them sideways towards his opponent with immense force.

Karma Destructive Samsara Cycle: Eternal: Salakayas’ lion head manifests and radiates enormous physical energy, causing the scythe to swing toward the target at breakneck speed and deal massive damage.

Divine Weapon Lotus Volund: With the power of Buddha’s “Intertwined Fate”, Zerofuku entrusts his destiny to Buddha to execute a Volund and create a divine weapon from the clutches of the “Blade of Misery”, using Buddha’s compassion. As a source to drive.

Heavenly Eye Awakening Blade Mahapari Nirvana: Buddha holds the “Great Sword of Nirvana Zero” above his head and delivers a downward blow with enormous force. This attack was able to cut Hajun’s body into pieces.

The staff of Six Realms: Buddha swings an oversized prayer wheel in the shape of a team. The ability is such that it stores the power of the six kingdoms of Buddhism and allows you to change its shape to a different type of weapon or tool based on your emotions.

Great Nirvana Sword Zero – The ultimate divine weapon that can only be crafted by those who have achieved great Nirvana in the Pure Lands. This weapon is in the form of a Shichishito (seven-armed sword) with resonant protrusions, each of which is assigned to one of the seven gods of luck.

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