Top 10 C Drama Funny

C Drama Funny: Recently, Chinese dramas have taken a particular place in our hearts. We are normally fans of historical Chinese dramas, but we must acknowledge that the quality of all comedic Chinese plays has improved significantly. Let’s look at the top ten humorous C dramas in this article.

C Drama Funny

10. My Pig Lady

Wang Man Ling (Ady An), the daughter of a successful pig farmer, maybe a wealthy young lady, but she has no experience performing. Meanwhile, wayward playboy Fan Jiang Yu (Mike He) is on his way to the poorhouse after his parents’ business fails. Jiang Yu takes on the task of teaching Man Ling the ways of high society

in an unexpected union between old and new money. In the process of keeping up appearances, both of them realize what it means to genuinely have it made.

C Drama Funny

9. My Little Princess (C Drama Funny)

Lin Xing Chen is an heiress from an affluent family who, due to her illegitimacy, is under pressure to marry well. Her intended victim? Zheng Chu Yao, is a handsome and rich fellow student at Four Leaf College, an exclusive arts institution. However, due to a series of miscommunications, Xing Chen initially misidentifies the brooding Jiang Nian Yu as Chu Yao and attempts to gain his attention. When Xing Chen discovers she’s dating the wrong man,

he continues bumping into Nian Yu in the most compromising situations, only to discover that Nian Yu is the only one who can teach her how to dance to gain Chu Yao’s favor. On the other hand, Xing Chen is irritated that Chu Yao is only interested in Yu Yang Yang, a poor girl

who got admitted to the elite school because her father saved the principal’s life. Will Nian Yu teach Xin Chen how to tango straight into Chu Yao’s heart, or will she learn that her destiny belongs to someone else?

C Drama Funny

8. The Eternal Love

The Eternal Love takes place in the mythical kingdom of Dongyue, where princes vie for the throne. Qu Tan Er (Liang Jie) acquires two personas due to some magical force: she alternates between being kind and reserved and being uncivilized and bold. Tan Er is being courted by Mo Lian Cheng (Xing Zhao Lin), the eighth prince,

but Lian Cheng is skeptical of Tan Er’s relationship with the crown prince, for whom she attempted suicide once. On the other hand, Tan Er gradually earns his trust with her outspoken and exuberant nature, and the two fall hopelessly in love. On the other hand, her other compassionate personality still has feelings for the crown prince and intends to assist him in becoming king.

C Drama Funny

7. Pretty Li Hui Zhen (C Drama Funny)

Li Hui Zhen used to be stunning, but years of suffering from her family’s diminishing income took their toll, and her beauty faded. Her pal Bai Hao Yu, on the other hand, grew up to be sophisticated, successful, and quite likeable. Li Hui Zhen is too humiliated to even see him

when she runs into him years later and observes their reversal of fortune. Hence, she begs her glamorous roommate Xia Qiao to assume her identity. Will Li Hui Zhen be able to overcome her insecurities as a result of her former beauty and open up to the man she loves, or will she continue to live in dread because she believes she was once beautiful?

C Drama Funny

6. Best Lover

The plot revolves around two top stars who embark on a fictitious marriage with their hidden motives. Through their efforts to defend their fictitious marriage in public, they learn about each other’s flaws and eventually end up together. The male lead comes from a low-income family and rises to stardom via hard effort. He becomes emotionally entangled with his first love, imposter wife, an admirer. The female lead is an egotistical top star from a chaebol household. Her parents ignore her, and she must act powerfully to survive despite being weak at times owing to a family feud/conspiracy. These two people discover true love and their true selves through a fictitious marriage.

C Drama Funny

5. Oh My General (C Drama Funny)

During the Song Dynasty, Ye Zhao disguised himself as a general of exceptional skill and was promoted to a general position. The Emperor’s nephew, the no-good Prince of Nanping, Zhao Yujin, who boasts extraordinary beauty but is pampered, sluggish,

and spends his time on “useless” creative endeavours, was betrothed to Ye Zhao by the Empress Dowager. She was continually concerned about Ye Zhao wielding too much influence. As a result, the story of the actual struggle for control in this new household begins.

C Drama Funny

4. Seven of Me

Did she take on more than she could handle? A first-year medical intern, Shen Yi Zhen (Zhang Yi Shan), a guy from an affluent family, crosses paths with Bai Xin Xin (Elvira Cai). When Xin Xin is persuaded to become Yi Zhen’s personal attending physician,

she has no idea what she’s getting herself into until it’s too late. As Yi Zhen’s seven separate personalities emerge, horrible secrets from his brutal family background emerge as well. Can Xin Xin assist Yi Zhen’s many faces to heal from his traumatic past?

C Drama Funny

3. Cinderella Chef (C Drama Funny)

Ye Jia Yao travels back to become the daughter of a magistrate known as Ye Jin Xuan in ancient China. She is kidnappe and taken to Hei Fang Camp, where she meets Xia Chun Yu’s bandit leader, the former youthful master of the Jing An Marquis house. After that, the two got engage in a fictitious marriage. With her exceptional cooking talents and sophisticated street smarts, Ye Jia Yao begins to win over hearts, especially Xia Chun Yu’s.

2. King is not Easy

Da Xi, a talented cook, has just one wish: to marry a man of unparalleled beauty. She met a Royal Guard named Shao Yong one day and fell in love at first sight, so she decides to stay close to him, which she can only accomplish by entering the castle. Da Xi became a maid only to be duped, so she decided to flee the palace

and ran over the wall, where she encountered Emperor Ji Man by coincidence. The emperor mistook her for an assassin and attempted to prevent her from fleeing, but an accident occurred: their souls were switched, and she became him and he became her.

1. I will never let you go (C Drama Funny)

Follow the story of a budding romance between a young businesswoman on the run and the masked hero who rescues her. The Divine Maiden is the true identity of the wanderer. When it’s discovered that she’ll be getting legendary treasure, her foes start looking for her. She meets her savior while on the run, an ambitious prince with his sights set on the throne.

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