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C Drama Office Romance: Who doesn’t enjoy Chinese dramas on the ‘Boss-Employee Relationship’ or the ‘Rich Guy-Poor Girl Relationship’? You are definitely missing out if you don’t like them. If you’re stumped as to which drama to watch next, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Who says work and love can’t coexist? These Cdramas are about what occurs when office workers become involved in a romantic relationship. The top ten most romantic workplace C-dramas are listed below!

10. Boss and Me

Feng Teng, the boss of a large company, has a younger sister who requires a blood transfusion due to a rare blood type. He locates Xue Shan Shan, a coworker, and requests a blood donation from her. After that, Shan Shan’s brother and sister are indebted to her, but instead of paying her off the way Feng Teng usually does, his sister proposes sending her nutritious packed lunches to help her

recover from the blood loss and to make the thank you more personal. Shan Shan enjoys eating, and her enthusiasm for the lunches, as well as her general bright and happy demeanour, begin to melt the cold. The heart of Feng Teng.

C Drama Office Romance

9. Lucky’s First Love

A narrative about first loves and relationships told through the eyes of three couples at work. It follows a strong-willed young woman with a lot of talent who meets a boss with a black belly. Xing Yun is hired by Xia Ke to work at his gaming company since her name has a positive connotation. He’s an ambitious and headstrong son who refused to take over the family business and instead went out on his own to make it. In dealing with her black-bellied boss, she goes through various extremes

and crosses numerous hurdles on her way from a sketch artist to a gaming designer. Their incessant bickering pushes them closer together, and the girl who has never experienced love learns that love is the final hurdle.

C Drama Office Romance

8. My girlfriend is an alien

An alien from the “Cape Town Planet” named Chai Xiao Qi was compelled to stay on Earth after her signal was lost. She worked for Fang Leng, a domineering boss who suffered from “rainy weather heterosexual amnesia,” which made him forget about the women around him. A humorous and intense interstellar love story has since started. Chai Xiao Qi was an extraterrestrial and a true-handed witch. She would inhale the hormone produced by men on the world, enter a “flowery state,” and then she would meet a lot of humorous people. To survive on the human planet, Chai Xiao Qi exploited her many superpowers to put an end to one accident after another.

C Drama Office Romance

7. Flavour it’s yours (C Drama Office Romance)

When a wine critic with an excellent taste and a lady with little sense of taste discover that their senses have switched, it sparks an unexpected romance. Lu Wei Xun is a brilliant wine reviewer who is chilly and distant. Because of his stringent demands, he is seen as a tyrant in his area,

yet he is well-respected for having the ideal sense of taste. Lu Wei Xun meets the optimistic He Bu Zui, a young woman who has been losing her sense of taste since she was a child, for some reason. What type of chemical reaction will happen when two polar opposites collide?

C Drama Office Romance

6. About is Love (C Drama Office Romance)

A love story about a corporate president who suffers a severe case of OCD that saves him from interacting with women and the other woman to whom he is immune. Wei Qing’s life is severely impacted by an incident that occurred when he was eighteen years old. Despite his success as a high-ranking business executive, he is unable to socialize with people of the other gender,

which is why he has spent years looking for a ‘princess’ who can save him. Wei Qing realizes that ten years later, following a drunken encounter with an eighteen-year-old art student called Zhou Shi, he feels fully fine. An understanding is reached between the two, and a relationship develops.

C Drama Office Romance

5. Here to Heart (C Drama Office Romance)

Zhan Nanxian is a bright young guy who predicted the technology revolution. He formed a corporation with his classmates and was able to weather the storm despite only having a 10% probability of success. Wen Nuan is a successful businesswoman who leaves her well-paid job in England to work as Nan Xian’s executive assistant. They were once a couple, and Wen Nuan is determined to not only assist Nan Xian at work but also to restore the love they once shared.

C Drama Office Romance

4. The Fox’s Summer (C Drama Office Romance)

Gu Chengze, Old Mrs. Gu’s adoptive son, was tasked with grooming her grandson Gu Chengyun into the next heir to take over the family’s business. In order to accomplish so, he joins Gu Chengyun’s team as an assistant. During this period, he meets Li Yanshu, a fashion designer who was Gu Chengyun’s ex-girlfriend

and a pivotal figure in his life. Gu Zhengze then brings Li Yanshu into the company, hoping that it will inspire Gu Chengyun to work more. Gu Chengyun chooses to follow Li Yanshu once more when he sees her. Meanwhile, Old Mrs. Gu learned about this and assigned Gu Chengze the responsibility of separating the two. Gu Zhengze and Li Yanshu began to fall in love at this point.

C Drama Office Romance

3. Flipped (C Drama Office Romance)

Qi Kun (Gao Han Yu), the handsome CEO, hails from a mystical family and possesses the secret power of teleportation. His sister, Qi Tian (Lin Yu Rou), has the ability to look into the future. Qi Tian has an intuition that her brother would fall in love with a painter while in the hospital. Qi Kun teleports himself to a building on the same day. A fresh mural is being painted nearby, and he unintentionally teleports in front of the lips of a painter, Shuang Shuang (Charlene Chen). Is it possible that this frigid CEO has finally discovered the love of his life?

2. Love is Fate

Ma Dong Shan, Han De Chang, and Song Tian Ming, three buddies, decided to open a hotel together. Ma Dong Shan has died, Han De Chang died young, and Song Tian Ming has lost his son thirty years later. As a result, the chairman, Ma Dong Shan, wishes for his daughter Ma Ke Ai to inherit the hotel and summons her from abroad.

1. Best Time (C Drama Office Romance)

Su Man (Janine Chang) was in high school when she fell in love with Song Yi (Jia Nailiang), a student who excelled in both academics and basketball. She was accepted into Tsinghua University’s School of Management at the time, and she hasn’t heard from him since. Su Man learns ten years later that Song Yi has returned from the United States and has been specified as the new director of MG Company. She decides to work for the corporation and fakes her résumé to apply for a clerk position.

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