Iron Man: We all have seen that last scene of the endgame movie,

Iron Man: Probably the most disheartening scene in the entire movie,

When Thanos was about to snap his fingers and was about to destroy the world

but suddenly we realize that the infinity stones are in the hand of Iron Man and Iron Man snaps his fingers

and destroys Thanos and his army, but, unfortunately at the same time losing his life as well.

But the question is can IronMan come back to Marvel again?

Is there a chance that we will see IronMan in Marvel movies again?

The answer is yes, it is possible that there is some future Marvel movie in which

we might see IronMan again, back to life. There is a good chance that IronMan is seen again in some future projects of Marvel.

Iron Man
Can Iron Man come back to Marvel again?

But how can I say that? Because Marvel is about making those things happen

that are least expected to happen, from Thanos snapping his fingers

when Thor almost killed him to IronMan snapping the fingers when everybody was expecting Thanos to do so, Marvel is full of uncertainty.

Even Marvel studios have confirmed that we will be seeing Dr. Octopus again in the upcoming Spiderman movie so if Marvel can bring back old villains like Dr. Octopus,

Why can’t it bring our most loved hero, IronMan, back?

Anything can happen we have to just hope of seeing IronMan again back to life in some upcoming movie and nobody knows if it might become true.


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