Odin defeats Thanos: In this paragraph, We all have come across various instances

Odin defeats Thanos: of the power of Odin in different movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

actually, Odin was the God of Wisdom, Death, and Magic and we all know that

how powerful he was but if you don’t, then let me tell you how?

First of all, Odin was able to defeat and capture Hela two times indeed.

And then the second reason is that Odin was able to defeat Slator too at that time when

he was at his full powers when Slator had the eternity flame he was almost

at his peak power and still, Odin managed to defeat even when Slator and also took

the eternal flame and he from Slator. But wait there is a much deeper prospective as too well.

If we deeply consider why Thanos didn’t begin the collection of infinity stones

at the time when Odin was alive? Why Thanos did started collecting the stones only after the death of Thanos?

Odin defeats Thanos
Can Odin Defeats Thanos?

in Short Probably, Thanos was afraid of Odin!

So finally from this, it is clear that Odin was much more powerful than Thor, Hela, and Slator.

Now considering the fact that Thor almost defeated Thanos in the ending of infinity wars,

but in my opinion if there had been a fight between Odin

and Thanos then Odin would definitely defeat Thanos.

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