Cast of Alchemy Of Souls: Actors Behind The Trending K-drama: On Netflix, there are a lot of excellent K-Dramas, but the most of them are romances. There should be more possibilities, though I don’t think this is a negative thing. Thankfully, the streamer saw the demand for more Korean series in other genres and made the fantasy series Alchemy of Souls available.

On June 18, the first episode of Alchemy of Souls was released on Netflix. Written by Hong Jung-eun and Hong Mi-ran, the K-Drama was directed by Park Joon-hwa. With fresh episodes airing every Saturday and Sunday as of August 18, the show is currently running. On August 28, the season’s finale is anticipated to be released.

Alchemy Of Souls Cast

If you are unknown to the series, it centers on a strong enchantress named Nak-su whose soul unintentionally becomes imprisoned in the body of a blind woman (Mu-deok). It’s much worse because Jang Uk, a man from a wealthy family, employs the blind woman as his menial housemaid. The witch helps the nobleman and teaches him how to fight in the shadows while doing so.

You need to know the cast members if this fantasy series sounds like your kind of Korean drama. Below you’ll find the cast list for Alchemy of Souls.

Meet the Cast (Alchemy Of Souls Cast)

With Lee Jae-wook playing Jang Uk, Jung So-min playing Mu-deok, and Hwang Min-hyun playing Seo Yool, Alchemy of Souls will mostly center on this trio.

Despite leading a posh life as the son of a nobleman, Jang Uk is notorious for causing trouble. However, the rumors of a scandalous birth that are circulating among the populace add stress to his existence. He may appear tranquil, but he actually has enormous ambitions for the future, especially in light of the potential trouble his power could cause.

Alchemy Of Souls Cast

Yoo In-soo (Alchemy Of Souls Cast)

Despite Yoo, a cast member, having previously played one of K-most drama’s despised characters, viewers have fallen for Dang-boyish gu’s charm in Alchemy of Souls. In the popular coming-of-age zombie K-drama All of Us Are Dead, Yoo played Yoon Gwi-nam, the antagonist. Following the masculine lead and becoming a virus mutation, his character was the bully at school.

The Alchemy of Souls actor has appeared in some of the most well-known K-drama series. He appeared in Chocolate, Stranger 2, and the teen romance Sweet Revenge in a minor capacity. In the love story Moments at Eighteen, Yoo also portrayed Yoo Pil-sang. In the dramas like My ID is Gangnam Beauty, Strong Girl Bong-soon all featured Yoo, who appears to have a propensity for youthful romances.

Alchemy Of Souls Cast

Shin Seung-ho (Alchemy Of Souls Cast)

In K-dramas, the grand prince is either a princely pleasure or a royal annoyance. Cast member Shin plays the prince Go Won in the drama Alchemy of Souls. After engaging in conflict with the main protagonists, Go Won eventually cooperates with them in their quest to unravel the palace’s mysteries.

Starring in both seasons of A-Team, the actor launched his career in 2018. Moments of Eighteen featured Shin as Ma Hwi-young in another supporting role. He played Il-sik in Song Kang’s popular drama Love Alarm in 2019 as a supporting actor. However, his most well-known roles was also a turnoff for fans. He portrayed the bully and soldier Hwang Jang-soo in the well-known drama D.P.

Alchemy Of Souls Cast

Hwang Min-hyun

The appealing Hwang gained fame as a K-Pop idol, so his acting work is not frequently acknowledged. His lead vocal debut was with the boy band NU’EST, where he remained with until its breakup in 2022. He is a part of the band Wanna One as well. Hwang made his acting debut in 2013, but his breakthrough part didn’t come until the teen drama Live On in 2020. In a coming-of-age tale about adolescent love and friendship, Live On is centered on a group of teenage students who struggle to live up to social media and society’s expectations.

Alchemy of Souls’ Hwang added Hwang as Seo Yul to the cast. He has become a celebrity, which is his second-largest career role. In the Korean drama, he plays the son of a prosperous wizard family. One of the few young magi who has mastered the Chisu power is him. He becomes interested in the main woman in Alchemy of Souls, sparking a love triangle.

Alchemy Of Souls Cast

Jung So- min

Jung So-min, an actor, plays the primary character Mu-deok/Nak-su in Alchemy of Souls. The soul of master mage assassin Nak-su inhabits the body of Mu-deok, a blind woman, who she plays in the play. Jung started her career in 2009, and in 2010, she landed her first television role in the Netflix K-drama Bad Guy.

Since then, she has appeared in various roles, including cameos in Big Man and My Father is Strange. She acted in the catastrophe drama D-Day in 2015 as Jung Ddol-mi. Because This Is My First Life, one of the best-reviewed romance K-dramas, starred Jung. An ambitious writer, her character leaves home once her brother gets married. In the process of falling in love, she finds herself renting from an introvert.

Lee Jae- wook

Actor Lee Jae-wook is well known among K-drama fans. In Alchemy of Souls, he portrays Jang Uk, a charismatic wizard who will one day achieve greatness and play the game’s main character. Lee started acting in 2018, but he has already established a name for himself.

Lee played Sunwoo Joon, the main character, in the romantic K-drama Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol before joining the Alchemy of Souls ensemble. An oddball pianist is encountered by his character, a part-time worker. As they get closer, they support one another in figuring out their lives.

From his early main cast performances come Lee’s other claims to stardom. He is well-known for playing Baek Kyung, the film’s innate bad boy, in the lead role. A comic book character discovers her life is not her own in the fourth-wall-breaking K-drama. Lee starred as Seol Ji-hwan in the acclaimed drama Search: WWW, which featured a strong female lead.

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