is all about the underdog even the show itself is an underdog

the sole YouTube original to realize a robust following it jumped to Netflix in June and reached a good bigger audience.

the show splices and scenes from the first movies whenever an adult character is remembering

what happened in high school and there are some impressive meaningful cameos here.

A lawless town where people’s lives are genuinely in peril people almost got killed this season

over karate and they are in peril from roving karate gangs you recognize how in the west.

a side story that they had dance gangs well on cobra kai they need

karate gangs and tons of youngsters in class have an interest in karate I’ve never seen karate this popular.

I got I do not know maybe within the first two seasons they sell it more

I feel more I saw the main target here is more on the sensei relationship you recognize and I do not know there was you recognize.

COBRA KAI SEASON 3 : Season Review

I did not have it in my notes but now that.

Tanner Buchanan looks nothing like William Zabka to play his son but anyway

if marvel won’t cast Timothée Chalamet as Wiccan here’s your backup choice I feel he’s great uh

he doesn’t quite fit here although his role is.

I do not know he just seemed to not slot in the show but he was so interesting.

the definite look he oh that is the other thing he doesn’t his look like doesn’t fit with the remainder of the cast so it quite likes.

I assume he has no choice but to be an outsider but you recognize I feel he’s you recognize he features a lot of charisma.

an actor speaking of charisma tori she’s nuts but she jogs. my memory such a lot of the lone female villain and like cartoons that I found hilarious.

I hope in season four she finds peace because at heart she looks like a pleasant person also, she has amazing hair and fashion as she came in one scene and she or

he had like braids and that I was like that appears great you look

great like be like I do know you two women are alleged to fight

but let’s just take a flash and mention how great tori looks maybe then you would not be fighting.

I also think that joe SEO is extremely charismatic and that I hope to ascertain more of him

in season four which I will be able to now definitely be watching.

I did feel that season 3 at 10 episodes about 30 to 40 minutes each dragged

a touch towards the top I used to be like is that this still going and

maybe the storyline for season four should have started here

instead of just being found out because I assume maybe that is what took me out of it I used to be like okay I buy it you’re fixing season four.

It looks like a movie and again it’s nice and long so you’ll desire you’ll get your money’s worth. It had been a very enjoyable movie.

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