Coca-Cola: Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo just wipes out 4 billion dollars off from Coca-Cola’s market value:

In a viral Video with the moment that has sent everywhere in social media its users into a very shocking moment

when Cristiano Ronaldo has picked up those two Coca-Cola bottles which were placed in front of him.

And he had just put off them out of his sight and after that holding up his own water bottle and said that: “Drink water.”

Coca-Cola definitely might not have impressed by this gesture of Ronaldo’s moves.

But the stock market had sense a great fall of more than 4 Billon Doller on Tuesday.

The company Coca-Cola had saw a very staggering loss of market value around $5.2 billion which just wiped off from its own market value in just a moment roughly in 1 hours just after Ronaldo has made his press conference.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Coca-Cola Bottle Cost $ 4 Billion Dollar: Cristiano Ronaldo

What Lessons we Should learn from it:

  • 4 Billion Dollars wipes off from the Market value of the “Coke” brand. with that just a simple innocent move or gesture. what it taught to us that stock market values of brands are totally overinflated. This is a reason why so many people loses their money.
  • We should try to Avoid these unhealthy brands which somehow harmful for our body
  • Sportsman should refrain from such these things
  • We should Respect our local things such as coconut water
  • This is how a role models should behave
  • Ronaldo said that you can add ads in the background with your money, but you can’t put your bottles in front of me. That’s what freedom means to him.
  • Kids should seek these kind of Heroes.

And at last all we can say is Prefer Water, Drink Water

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