Top 10 C Drama College Romance

College Romance: College dramas are a category that most drama viewers can connect to. Fans are either going to school or remembering their school days fondly. Here are some of the most popular collegiate romance dramas. Dramas about first kisses, first heartbreaks, and fairy tale happy ever afters, as well as dramas about heartbreak. This list includes everything mentioned above.

College Romance

10. Love 020 (College Romance)

Xiao Nai is a video game expert who also happens to be the most popular student on college thanks to his basketball talents, academic intelligence, swimming aptitude, and game company president. The extremely talented wunderkind falls in love with Bei Wei Wei, a lovely computer science major when he sees her. But it’s not Wei Wei’s appearance that catches his eye; it’s the ludicrous mastery with which she commands her guild and owns everyone in an online multiplayer game. Now, Xiao Nai must utilize his real-life and online skills to win the love of the cute but odd Wei Wei. But does their love have enough XP to succeed, or will they never be able to level up?

College Romance

9. A Love So Beautiful

Chen Xiao Xi, a high school classmate, and Jiang Chen, a neighbor. Xiao Xi, a happy lady who doesn’t study much, expresses her affection for Jiang Chen, a famous boy known for his good looks and academic achievements. They begin high school life, university life, adult life with their classmates, the hilarious Lu Yang, sporty but loyal Jing Xiao, and cool swimming team member Wu Bo Song.

College Romance

8. Proud of Love (College Romance)

Shen Xi is a cheerful college student majoring in dance and has an unhealthy appetite for food. Lin Yu Tang, her boyfriend, is a very loving and sweet person. He Zhi Zhou attends a nearby institution and is an aloof, melancholy engineering major. One day, Shen Xi and He Zhi Zhou exchanged spirits in front of a weird mirror. Shen Xi finds herself within Zhi Zhou’s body, while Zhi Zhou finds herself inside Shen Xi’s body. What will this soul-swapping duo’s fate be? And what will become of Shen Xi’s and Lin Yu Tang’s relationship?

College Romance

7. The Endless Love

A love story about a gifted painter fine arts student and a bright young girl who is like a beam of sunlight. Gu Ye Bai is a creative genius, but he faces a psychological setback just as he is about to apply to a major competition. He becomes progressively worried till Lu You Yan enters his life and assists him in achieving his goals. Lu You Yan gets an opportunity to fly to Paris just as their lovely romance is starting to develop, and their relationship encounters its largest obstacle on top of the real-life problems that seniors face as students.

College Romance

6. My Huckleberry Friends (College Romance)

My Huckleberry Friends is the next alteration of a Ba Yue Chang An novel after “With You.” Yu Zhou Zhou falls on her first day of primary school and meets Lin Yang. Lin Yang assists her in adjusting to school, and the two become friends as a result. Following the proliferation of rumors, Lin Yang’s parents requested that their son keep away from Zhou Zhou. When Zhou Zhou has to deal with Lin Yang slipping away from her, she learns to be indifferent.

When Zhou Zhou enters high school, she can finally breathe again after escaping Lin Yang and her other former friends. Finally, she is accepted into Zhen Hua senior high school. However, Zhen Hua Zhou Zhou runs into Lin Yang again at Zhen Hua Zhou Zhou. Zhou Zhou is undecided about whether he should be happy or sad. Several trials await Zhou Zhou and Lin Yang during their high school days, which leads them to grow up. Will both of them be capable to reconnect in the process?

College Romance

5. With You

Geng Geng is sitting next to top student Yu Huai when she first arrives at Zhen Hua High School. While juggling homework and examinations, she is also introduced to a new mother and little brother. However, her alone life comes to an end when she enrolls in Zhen Hua High School. She makes it through the three years till graduation with the help of new acquaintances, particularly Yu Huai. After graduation, the boy she had grown to like vanishes. Will she pick the love she could never forget when she sees Yu Huai again, or will she choose Lu Xing He, who has chased her all these years?

College Romance

4. Stand By Me (College Romance)

Not every group of high school buddies has the good fortune of continuing their education at the same university. One of the few pals in Stand By Me (2016) is this one. High school pals Lu Qiao (Wu Ye Ze), Zhong Bai (Xu Xiao Lu), and Ren Yi Fan (Yu Xiang) are close. They make new pals as they begin their undergraduate careers at the same institution. When Lu Qiao descends in love with a new classmate, things should not become complicated.

They don’t know, though, because Zhong Bai has had a crush on him since forever. As a result, Ren Yi Fan must intervene to mediate between the two. What is an university romantic drama without a love triangle, after all?

College Romance

3. Back in Time

The emotions and life experiences of those born in the 1980s are shown in this drama. It is the last year of the twentieth century, and it leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of adolescent boys and girls.

College Romance

2. Where the lost ones go (College Romance)

Let us begin by praising the drama’s cinematography. As the story centers around two art students, it is artistically pleasing. Ye Zi is a Chinese art painting major, while Xiang Zei Yi is an oil painting major. They have a whirlwind romance in college until Xiang Ze Yi walks away without saying anything. So, what happens when Xiang Zei Yi reappears in Ye Zi’s life after all these years? Will she be capable to put the pieces back together and forgive her first love?

1. My Sunshine

Will two college sweethearts rekindle their old flame when they meet again seven years after breaking up? The drama begins with a familiar plot: a girl falls in love with a boy on campus at first sight. They date, then a third party enters the picture to sabotage their relationship. In a typical romance drama plot, the girl becomes dissatisfied and relocates to another nation. If only real people like us had the option of relocating to another nation whenever our hearts were shattered.

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