I was watching Naruto when I started realizing that Sakumo Hatake and Jiraiya have quite a few similarities. My curious side took over and I started researching and here’s the notes I took. Sorry if it’s all over the place, I was super hyped that I might’ve just found out if Jiraiya really was Sakumo Hatake.

Is Jiraiya the White Fang?

Kakashi Hatake aged 13 during his Gaiden

Sakumo Hatake killed him self within 1 year 5 years prior to Kakashi Hatake’s Gaiden

-Kakashi Hatake is aged 7-9 during fathers’ death [Sakumo Hatake died 5 years before Kakashi Hatake became a Jonin, and being the youngest Jonin ever at age 10, Sakumo Hatake died when kakashi Hatake was 5]

-Lots of people are saying that Sakumo Hatake was the same age as the 3 Sannin, or that he was 24 when Kakashi Hatake was born, meaning that if Sakumo Hatake died whithin a year 5 years before Kakashi Hatake’s Gaiden(he was 13 at the time), he would’ve died at age 32 (24+8=32), which is an age a lot of people thought the Sannin were at their prime at the point of time Sakumo Hatake died. And since Hatake Kakashi is 22 years younger than Master Jiraiya?, that means if Hatake Sakumo didn’t die, he would be 54 years old, which is Jiraiya’s current age. (Since the timelines are a bit messed up, just take whatever age you find Sakumo Hatake to give birth to Kakashi Hatake to, add whatever age you Kakashi Hatake to be at when Sakumo Hatake dies, and then add the age difference between Kakashi Hatake and Jiraiya.) Sakumo Hatake and Jiraiya also share many similar traits. And many many people suggest that Sakumo Hatake was at the same skill level as the all 3 Legendary Sannin, so in the end, it is extremely possible that Jiraiya is the White Fang of the Leaf.


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