One Piece: Devil Fruit Abilities to Counter Kizaru

Counter Kizaru: Borsalino recognized extra popularly as Kizaru, is arguably one of the most influential Devil Fruit users in One Piece. Having eaten the Pika Pika no Mi, the Marine Admiral can make, manage, and remodel into mild and use this capacity to maximize velocity to weigh down enemies. As such, it is going without announcing that Kizaru’s war prowess and Devil Fruit are a lethal mixture for foes.

But as is the case with all Devil Fruit customers and competencies, Kizaru is not utterly unstoppable. While different Devil Fruit customers like Luffy (who’s not often outmatched in different ways) had been overpowered through Kizaru earlier than, sure Devil Fruit competencies might also additionally show to be worth adversaries to the Admiral’s mild assaults and velocity.

Counter Kizaru

10. Noro Noro no Mi

The Noro Noro no Mi additionally referred to as the Slow-Slow Fruit, permits the consumer to be gradual whatever for 30 seconds this is stuck inside a beam. Eaten through Foxy the Silver Fox, this Devil Fruit capacity might reveal one in every of Kizaru’s predominant offensive strategies: velocity. Since Kizaru is based on motion, slowing him down might supply any combatant a higher risk of touchdown devastating blows on him.

However, the boundaries with this Devil Fruit are visible withinside the small home windows of each beam’s length and the quantity of time the goal is slowed. Foxy can simplest gradual something down that suits withinside the shaft, or even if the goal is stuck, they may be simplest restricted temporarily. This method that Foxy might to correctly hit Kizaru and use the constrained time accurately to defeat him.

Counter Kizaru

9. Bari Bari no Mi

Eaten through Bartolomeo, a member of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, the Bari Bari no Mi shall we the user produce an unbreakable barrier. The Devil Fruit’s usefulness in opposition to Kizaru might be in its capacity to dam Kizaru’s assaults. While this capacity now no longer permits Bartolomeo to mirror assaults lower back, it proves beneficial as a line of protection in opposition to even the most potent warring parties.

Where this Devil Fruit might also additionally falter is in Bartolomeo’s constrained barrier control. For instance, Bartolomeo can simplest produce a certain quantity of limitations, and those limitations may be traversed round. As such, Kizaru may want to use velocity to gain here; Bartolomeo’s high-satisfactory approach might be selectively selecting wherein his rules pass and manipulating their form to get hold of Kizaru’s assaults.

Counter Kizaru

8. Woshu Woshu no Mi

One of the extras visually comical competencies, the Woshu Woshu no Mi, sees sufferers immobilized through being washed and dried like clothing. While in this cloth-like state, goals cannot transport or assault and become “cleaner” in different words, not going to need to assault or devote crimes.

Because of this Devil Fruit’s entrapment and persona converting properties, its usage in opposition to Kizaru might show effectiveness it might most straightforward take turning Kizaru into the laundry to render him useless. Should its consumer, veteran Marine Vice-Admiral Tsuru, ever sense forced to apply this capacity in opposition to a fellow Marine, there is a risk the combat might now no longer in truth be a wash among the 2.

Counter Kizaru

7. Buku Buku no Mi

A mixture of trapping foes in illusions and trapping them in books, the Buku Buku no Mi presents the consumer manipulation over books. The Devil Fruit’s user, Charlotte Mont-d’Or, can use this capacity to trick enemies into wondering they may be in some other world, leaving them bodily defenseless. What’s extra, Mont-d’Or also can area sufferers into his books, turning them into imprisoned illustrations.

The high-satisfactory tactic for dealing with Kizaru with this capacity might be trapping him in an ebook for the reason that that might be the perfect manner to subdue him. First, however, it ought to be mentioned that captives can get away from the ebook through burning it; ought to Kizaru reach doing this (and recognize he can do this), Mont-d’Or might nevertheless have visible illusions.

Counter Kizaru

6. Kira Kira no Mi

Since Kizaru’s Devil Fruit relates to mild, an excellent combatant for its competencies might be one that might manage or keep away from it. The Kira Kira no Mi (utilized by Jozu) shall we the consumer flip their frame into the diamond. Living as much as his epithet, “Diamond” Jozu (a famous man or woman amongst One Piece fans) can use this capacity to boom his offensive and shielding capabilities, masking his frame in components or its entirety in a diamond.

This capacity prospers in opposition to Kizaru for the reason that mild is meditated and passes via diamond, which means that any of Kizaru’s mild-primarily based assaults on Jozu might doubtlessly be useless. Moreover, though Jozu’s motion is confined while wholly covered, this shape might assure him immunity to being struck through mild.

Counter Kizaru

5. Hobi Hobi no Mi

An underrated but immensely influential Devil Fruit, the Hobi Hobi no Mi turns sufferers into toys on the contact of the consumer’s hands. Sugar, the Devil Fruit’s wielder, also can erase different’s reminiscences of everyone she transforms, that’s beneficial in retaining them captive on this shape for the reason that no person might hassle coming to rescue them.

By each remodeling him right into a toy and inflicting anyone to overlook his existence, Sugar may want to high-satisfactory Kizaru without difficulty as long as she will get a hand on him. His high-satisfactory risk for overcoming this capacity might be to knock her out earlier than being transformed. Should Sugar be followed with allies, however, her possibilities of touching him might boom.

Counter Kizaru

4. Zushi Zushi no Mi (Counter Kizaru)

Consumed through a fellow Marine, the Zushi Zushi no Mi makes a specialty of its consumer manipulating gravitational forces. Its user, Admiral Fujitora, has used this capacity to repel objects, fly, and manage a couple of specific gravity fields at once. This match-up might come right down to the truth that gravity can bend mild.

Since Kizaru uses soft beams as attacks and for motion, slicing off his course with gravity might halt his advances and techniques. Though Fujitora’s competencies may be disrupted while he is attacked, it’d be smooth for the Admiral to distract his fellow Marine with flying debris. Not to say that Fujitora is an archetypal effective swordsman and will use this to tackle Kizaru in mixture together along with his competencies.

Counter Kizaru

3. Nikyu Nikyu no Mi (Counter Kizaru)

Equal components cute and practical, the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi presents its consumer the capacity to repel whatever they contact from physical bodies to the air around them. Bartholomew Kuma, the cutting-edge consumer, has been proven to propel himself at fast velocity through repelling the air around him and has even used his capacity to ship human beings flying for precisely 3 days and 3 nights.

Seeing as he can without difficulty repel air, mild ought to show no hassle for Kuma. While there is no actual dimension among Kuma and Kizaru’s velocity, the 2 might show worth adversaries on that front, and Kizaru might want to locate openings in Kuma’s fantastic defenses to land success without being meditated. Ultimately, if it honestly got here right down to it, Kuma may want to ship Kizaru away.

2. Mira Mira no Mi (Counter Kizaru)

A Devil Fruit that incorporates its world, the Mira Mira no Mi is a capacity primarily based around mirrors. The user can generate a couple of mirrors from their hands, capable of acting as shields that replicate assaults lower back at warring parties. As a part of the influential Charlotte Family, Charlotte Brulee additionally uses this capacity to entice sufferers in her mirrors, setting them withinside the Mirro-World.

The mere truth that mirrors replicate mild demonstrates sufficient why this Devil Fruit might show challenges for Kizaru. However, with the meditated first-class of Brulee’s mirrors, Kizaru can be overpowered through the Charlotte Family member’s usage of his assaults in opposition to him.

1. Yami Yami no Mi (Counter Kizaru)

Perhaps the antithesis to Kizaru’s Pika Pika no Mi, the Yami Yami no Mi is mild’s opposite: darkness. Masterfully utilized by New World Emperor Marshall D. Teach (AKA Blackbeard), the Devil Fruit permits him to eat assaults and warring parties right into a black hole, at the same time as additionally nullifying Devil Fruit consumer’s competencies.

Since mild is absorbed through the darkness, Kizaru’s Devil Fruit competencies might be beaten through Blackbeard’s. Between trapping the Admiral’s assaults in his black holes and revoking him of his competencies, Blackbeard may want to without difficulty negate the whole thing Kizaru threw at him. In a war between mild and darkness, Kizaru might, in the end, be overshadowed on this match-up.

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