Croods 2: I was watching the film

Croods 2: and I am happy to mention that no-one phones

it in voice work-wise Nicholas cage at the start of the movie

he says kangadillos with not only a facial expression but he means

it he’s thrilled to be saying it I mean

I do know he was just in spider-verse

but that you simply know he did an excellent job there too and Nicholas cage

you recognize I feel for better or worse he’s always game

but he was specialized here and you recognize Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds.

croods 2
Croods 2: Movie Review

they’re very busy actors they came back to try to this sequel and roll in

the hay so well I feel really speaks to their character and professionalism

and also the standard of the project I mean they did not have to return back and that

they saw that it had been worth their time

and it was Emma stone, by the way,

is 2 for 2 having also recently returned

for zombie land to another blast from

In the past I’m not kidding it does make me have another level of respect

for both stone and Reynolds that they returned to try to do this because

they’re the guts of the film.

the animation team didn’t phone it in either I used to be thrilled

from the exotic animals and flowers to a playhouse that’s truly a contemporary day

Swiss Family Robinson I loved this playhouse it had been

amazing and that they always were constantly revealing new aspects of the entire compound

which I assumed was fantastic

the film is simply a continuing visual treat

you only aren’t getting any better than this unless I mean the croods too isn’t

getting to be winning and it isn’t a best-animated feature contender but

you recognize I assumed I assumed that you simply know as enjoyable as trolls

world tour was this is often to me was better I just really

liked it I assumed it had been really strong.

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