Cruella (2021): So much fun to speak like Cruella

Cruella (2021): i actually like Cruella the character i feel she’s so fabulous but one thing

i’ve noticed in our discussions is that you simply can say good and negative

things about about something and other people will tend to only remember the negative things.

i really really enjoyed this movie. it is a fun movie that

i actually believe i really like what it’s to mention and that i would i might

greenlight a sequel right. i felt the movie lost its way a touch bit also it features

a reveal that the majority of people especially if you watch tons of stuff like I do one will see

it coming a mile away so it took a touch too long to urge thereto.

Cruella (2021)
Cruella (2021) – Movie Review

I was like come on how does one not see what everybody else can say

but when everything began to close at the very end and Cruella as a personality

Really began to form to return into focus.

Emma Stone as corella doesn’t do tons of the work I mean you’ll see the car you’ll see

Cruella driving it but I used to be like please lower the camera and obtain it looking upshot

how does one not have this shot in order that was really frustrating on behalf of me then,

in fact, I do need to say that the script is partially responsible not considerably

so because well here’s the thing. it’s the scripts fault that it loses its way two-thirds.

If I even have missed any great point about this movie.

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