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DBS: Why will not Goten and Trunks take part in the tournament of the 12 universes?

As we already know, in the Zeno Sama tournament there are 10 warriors per universe, of which we already know which are the universe 7, team consisting of: Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, 17, 18, Tenshinhan, Roshi, Krillin and Majin Boo, who will represent the universe of the destroying God Bills.

But there is something that caught our attention and is that in the chosen warriors to fight for the universe 7 did not take into account the participation of Goten and Trunks – even knowing that they are Saiyans hybrids like Gohan – who can achieve a power like The son of Goku in the saga of Cell and perhaps even overcome it by training for a day in the room of time, and for them we bring you two possible answers to why they were not chosen to fight:

For their mothers: it is clear that Bulma and Milk witnessed the Bills and Champa tournament and for this reason they will not let the little ones participate in the tournament for fear of something happening to them, since they witnessed the dangers they may have This kind of battles.
Age restriction: this could be the most acceptable reason why our little warriors would not participate in the great tournament of Zeno Sama and is that in the rules of this there is an age limit and therefore #Goten and #Trunks could not participate.
Anyway, it’s a shame not to be able to see the guys in action again, since, as they let us see in the saga of Boo- they have a power far superior to Goku in his different phases of super saiyan 1, 2 And 3 but much lower than their state beyond the God and Super Saiyan Blue, but still the boys can attain a very great power if they train hard in the room of the time or with the same Wiss, of this way would be much superior to The competitors of the universe 6 less to Hit.

What is certain is that the boys will not participate in the tournament, but they will see it for their own eyes because, as in the previous tournament, they can be spectators together with the other characters. #Dragon Ball Super

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