DC: You will surprise to know how Much DC Has earned from its movies till now.

DC: The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) (American media franchise)

is a universe pointed on a series of superhero films that are

based on characters all of them had already appeared in American comic books?

These are movies which based on DCComics are then produced by DCFilms,

also respectively distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

You can literally fulfill all of your dreams.

Mention below is various collections of different movies.

An American media franchise named “The DCExtended Universe (DCEU)”

which has a shared universe pointed. It is based on a series of superhero films.

This American media franchise includes

comic books, television series, digital series, and short films.

The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) is much like an original “DC world”

in comic books but it was established by crossing over

common plot elements, settings, cast, and characters.

DC: DC earning will surprise you?

Woooow a huge chunk of $5.63 Billion.

Date BudgetWeekendBox OfficeBox Office
Jun 2, 2023Shazam! Fury of the Gods    
Dec 16, 2022Aquaman 2    
Nov 4, 2022The Flash    
Aug 6, 2021The Suicide Squad    
Dec 25, 2020Wonder Woman 1984$200,000,000$16,700,000$46,530,051$166,119,717
Aug 23, 2020Superman: Man of Tomorrow    
Aug 4, 2020Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons    
Apr 28, 2020LEGO DC: Shazam — Magic & M…    
Feb 7, 2020Birds of Prey (And the Fant…$82,000,000$33,010,017$84,158,461$201,852,140
Apr 5, 2019Shazam!$85,000,000$53,505,326$140,371,656$363,664,533
Dec 21, 2018Aquaman$160,000,000$67,873,522$335,061,807$1,143,758,700
Nov 17, 2017Justice League$300,000,000$93,842,239$229,024,295$655,945,209
Jun 2, 2017Wonder Woman$150,000,000$103,251,471$412,563,408$818,058,221
Aug 5, 2016Suicide Squad$175,000,000$133,682,248$325,100,054$746,846,894
Mar 25,, 2016Batman v Superman: Dawn of …$263,000,000$166,007,347$330,360,194$872,395,091
Jun 14, 2013Man of Steel$225,000,000$116,619,362$291,045,518$667,999,518
Averages $182,222,222$87,165,726$243,801,716$626,293,336
Totals16$1,640,000,000 $2,194,215,444$5,636,640,023



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