Deadpool who has join hands with MCU. Ryan Reynolds also known as Deadpool

Deadpool: make an announcement about its merger with MCU world.

His news comes along with a Reaction video which is the most expensive.

Earlier this year, Kevin Feige who is Marvel’s boss had already shared some

hints about this news that is to say that this movie is going to be entering the

world of the MCU pantheon. they are not trying to willingly not try to be toning

down its R-rated content from its subsequent movie which is Deadpool. Now It is

officially announced that Deadpool is finally has joined the world of MCU which is

the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Through a video which is shared on the day of


Tuesday last night which is starting Hollywood famous star namely Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool).

He has himself confirmed that he is going to join MCU in his very famous inimitable

way of its own signature style. Reynolds has promoted and postponed his latest

movie from the last year 2020 so to has a new release date in this year of 2021.

This movie named Free Guy is going to come in this year in the next month he

has revealed via announcement too. Reynolds has shared a unique youtube

video which is a reaction video about his movie that is Free Guy trailer which is

featuring Deadpool and as well as Thor Ragnarok’s lovable character Korg.

Which is going to be voiced by the filmmaker cum actor namely Taika Waititi.


In the meanwhile, the movies like Free Guy which is staring actor namely

Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer and as well as also Taika Waititi in very

important parts, which are going to be release on the date of August 13, 2021.

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  1. […] which clothed great but Taika watiti is additionally given room to freestyle here with equally fabulous results they’re both fabulous improvisers which I feel is reflected in both of their business acumen but they are doing an incredible job here director sean levy is sensible to only get out of their way so yeah on the surface and from the trailers and definitely the primary act of the movie free guy is that the Lego movie meets wreck-it ralph meets the Truman show with a touch sprinkling of Deadpool […]


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