Demon slayer the movie Mugen train was the very best-grossing film

of all time in Japan it had been a huge massive success demon slayer

is one of my favorite new anime within the past few years and I love the

storytelling alongside that I also love the characters the animation is

gorgeous and it is a lot of fun and super bloody and features a lot of

great horrors thereto so it’s right up my alley and therefore the movie picks

up exactly where the show leaves off. tons of the character stuff was very funny

I just wish that there was a touch more nezuko and a rather more polished narrative

concerning who appears it’s considerably so a part of the show it is a movie

that you simply can watch as a movie that’s entertaining so

I will be able to try my best to not ruin any details about

the show (just in case you haven’t seen it).

Demon Slayer
Demon Slayer – Mugen Train (Movie)

The basic plot is that after his family was brutally murdered.

his sister became a demon tanjiro and his comrades start a

replacement mission aboard the Mugen train on target to despair on this

train tanjiro and his pals get help from rengoku a particularly powerful

hashira someone they search to as a demon is taking control of the train

and therefore the passengers thereon trying to infiltrate their dreams

and keep them during a dream state so we will kill them.

All the fights the comedy hit rather well especially a sequence

inside zanetsu’s subconscious where he’s forced to affect a person who’s

infiltrated his subconscious which is extremely hard for him because

he’s considerably so crazy with women which sequence was hilarious.

The film’s Experience significantly you do quite need to have seen the

show yeah you’ll watch it and type of getting a feel of what is happening

but it’s getting to help if you’ve seen The show.

if you recognize the show it’ll be best enjoyed if you’re

watching it right after season one it’s just gonna desire more of what you.

I had an excellent time with this and I am assuming that if you are a fan of the show you.

So write your thoughts down below in the comment box and of course, as always you can check out some more of my blogs.

Thanks for reading.


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