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Do You Know About Kabuto Yakushi ??

Guys, a little bit about the kabuto… what you particularly think of him?

I don’t like him very much

– Kabuto Yakushi grew like an orphaned child of war. He was taken to konohagakure, but, in return, he was pressed to start spying for the village by the roots. The many identities that he had to assume the left unsure of who he really was. That left him susceptible to the influence of orochimaru, taking o-o to become his right arm. Years later, then that is apparently killed orochimaru, kabuto uses the many talents that he won in the context of the latter to forge their own account, but later he’s finally able to define their own place in the world.

* being trained as a spy for the anbu ne, the achievement of missions of spying on all the great villages ninja, in addition to being the right arm and spy of orochimaru, and being a former agent of akatsuki, Kabuto is extremely skilled in the field of Collection of intelligence and espionage, having gained access to large sources of knowledge which he uses to produce devastating effects.

* after the framing of orochimaru, kabuto traveled all over the world and, finally, discovered the location of the cave ryūchi. There, he learned the senjutsu through hakuja sennin, where he gained access to a way wise.

* the wise so greatly increased the speed of perception of kabuto, and reflections, to the point that he could even prevent the arrows fired by Susanoo-No-Mikoto of Sasuke, which are known for their great speed

* after being totally transformed by dna of orochimaru, a white snake stretched his navel, with which he was able to use to communicate telepathically with other snakes

* He was also able to create other white snakes of various sizes from your body.

* Kabuto had affinity with the earth and water elements

* at some point of the anime, kabuto claims to have overcome orochimaru

– according to the databook

*O Hobby of kabuto is to take care of their scalpels.

* Kabuto wishes to fight against Naruto and orochimaru.

* Kabuto, while in konohagakure completed 191 official missions in total: 163 Rank-D, 28 c, RANK 0 rank b, rank-0, 0 RANK-s.

* the favourite phrase of Kabuto’s “thousand changes, 10.000 transformations” (qiān biàn wàn huà, senpen banka). This proverb refers to numerous changes or endless variety.

* His favorite food is grilled mackerel with salt and gold grilled with salt, as the least favorite food is raw meat.

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