Dragon Ball: Shunsuke Kikuchi who was by profession a Japanese composer

Dragon Ball: Whose work on Dragon Ball, Doraemon, and Kamen Rider also

Considered to be World famous (DragonBall Music) Who has Passed away from pneumonia (report from Oricon).

When He was 89 years old.

As Sir Kikuchi was born in the year 1931 at the place Aomori Prefecture.

And In 1961 Shunsuke Kikuchi made his music debut.

After that Shunsuke Kikuchi went to compose for an array of iconic shows.

Some of them includes the very famous themes for Kamen Rider and Doraemon Indeed.

In the same way He had also composed for the very famous shows like

Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, As well as Tiger Mask and Dr Slump also.

Infact Shunsuke Kikuchi’s Doraemon’s Song is one of the most famous themes

whose lyrics was written by Takumi Kusube in the anime world history.

On the one Hand Shunsuke Kikuchi’s career includes work

on numerous anime productions, movies, and several television shows.

He first lime light was when he has his Great prominence in the 1960s,

that makes his professional debut as one of the best composer in the 1961 film (which was The Eighth Enemy).

After that he earned several worldwide recognitions for his great work and contributions to the Dragon Ball

Franchise In the Following years also he composed a wild guess of around 23 packages of music

between 1986 and 1995 for the original show which resulted in over 400 different pieces of music Recently.

As per the report of Oricon news, That sir Shunsuke Kikuchi passed away on April 24 in Tokyo

After suffering from aspiration pneumonia as told in above lines.

Actually he was undergoing though medical treatment at the Complete facility.

Infact The report also states that his close family members and relatives had also organized

a private funeral for the late composer There.

 We all will miss you so much sir Shunsuke Kikuchi.

May he rest in peace and from bottom of our heart

accept our heartiest thanks for all the great music indeed.


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