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‘Dragon Ball Super’: Gohan awakens all his power over Goku’s death?

If there is a character who was once very strong, who once was protagonist of saga and defeated one of the strongest villains of the series, that character is Gohan. Responsible for the defeat of Cell in one of the most epic sagas of the series, Gohan has been very important in the development of # DRAGON BALL Z. He even was the protagonist of several of the films and their alternative stories by Toei Animation. In the last saga of Dragon Ball Z Gohan played an important role in the beginning with interesting episodes of adventures. Later I faced Majin Buu and was able to recover to a strong defeat. He learned a new state of power where he did not need to become super saiyajin to get all his power, the “mystical” state, name that the fans gave him. In spite of all that it did not get to emphasize like main personage of the saga Buu, is that of course, came to be the protagonist of the previous saga.

From peace on Earth achieved thanks to #Goku, Vegeta and even partly to Mr Satan, Gohan focused on the dream of his entire life, to be a researcher. I worried that as a child I would rather go to training, playing or fighting than studying. From that moment we never saw Gohan himself before, except on two very brief occasions: a small fight against Bills in which he was easily defeated and a fight against Freezer and his henchmen where he could demonstrate all his power but finally he was also defeated. Even in the final episode of the Trunks saga he could see something agitated about flying to the Capsule Corporation to say goodbye to his apprentice on an alternate timeline.

Now, after knowing that the death of Goku is a possibility in the next episodes we wonder what will be the reaction of Gohan with this event. As we know Gohan will participate in the Shanpa baseball tournament and if Hit arrives to kill Goku he would witness his death. Could this be the reason for Gohan to pull out all his hidden power again? Will he return to the fights who knew to be the strongest saiyajin of all? #Dragon Ball Super.

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