A few moments ago leaked an incredible image of episode 71 which reveals the Saiyan assassin

Amazing! A few moments ago was revealed an unpublished image of the episode 71 which will give way to a hunt that will start #hit in search of #Goku. In this episode will start a new saga which we do not know if it will be part of the original story, or if it will be a more serious stuffing. We will now review the title and release date of this chapter.

Episode 71 will be released on Saturday, December 17 and will carry the following title: “Goku dies! The murder order to be executed”.

That is the release date and title of this episode and together with it, we have this amazing image that leaked from this episode in which we see Hit under an intense rain and in his hand a little Goku. As you can see in the gallery (although the quality of the image is not what you want) we see that Goku’s body is transparent. We estimate that the Goku that Hit is holding is simply a hologram or, perhaps, a memory of the hit man.

On the other hand, we leaked a small summary that advances us a little more that we can see in this episode. According to the information revealed, Hit will not go to earth to kill Goku on his own, but has been hired by a still unknown entity to carry out this mission. However, Hit has no desire to eliminate Goku, but still must comply with the order that was imposed. In addition to this, it is revealed to us that Goku will not lose his life and that the Saiyan will manage to dodge the attacks of the assassin with ease.

Certainly, all this information is incredible and a lot of help to begin to understand better and to be able to analyze what will be the events that we will see in the next episodes. Clearly, the information leaves holes and many questions that in the future we will try to answer, so be attentive to more news.

Question: Why does not Hit refuse to kill Goku if he does not want to do so? If you have a theory, do not hesitate to leave it in the comments.


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