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‘Dragon Ball Super’: Titles of episodes 70 to 72 the death of Goku

We show you the latest news in spoilers about the next saga.

At this moment we are entering a transition before the new saga, the new Shanpa tournament. However we still do not know if this saga will be original of Akira Toriyama or if it will be a mere fill up to the new content that was promised to present in the middle of December. Until that happens we can only speculate with the new content and the details that are being revealed. So far the titles of episodes 70, 71 and 72 are known, which we will present below:


Episode 70: The Shanpa Challenge. We will play in baseball!

Release: December 11

Episode 71: #Goku dies! The order of the murderer to be executed.

Release: December 18th.

Episode 72: Counterattack? An invisible ability to murder!

Release: December 25th.

As we can see these titles provided by the Japanese press in magazines like NewType give us the guideline that we do not have weeks without chapter at least until the end of the year. This is very good news after having several parates during the year. The other interesting news is that Goku seems to die in the next saga. It is not confirmed but the title of episode 71 has been expanded a little in relation to what had been released before. Even the title of episode 72 speaks of a confrontation and nothing is said about Goku. Can Goku really die in a stuffing saga? Is this the original Toriyama saga without being stuffed?

At the moment we do not know, what is a fact is that in the tournament of baseball participated Yamcha who in # DRAGON BALL Z in a stuffing episode had played on a baseball team for a while, standing out clearly for its enormous strength . As we can see he carries the number 7 with a logo, which surely represents the Universe 7. Does Bills trust that Yamcha can make a difference in this tournament? If confirmed the death of Goku would be the third time the saiyajin visit the other world. Can you imagine a saga with Goku dead again? Who will stand out then, Vegeta, Trunks or Goten? Will Gohan fight again? #Dragon Ball Super

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