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Dragon Ball Super: Will we see Vegetto again?

In the last saga of Goku Black, many were the epic moments we spent. Between all those moments, we can find the appearance of the antagonist, the fusion of the villains, Hakai de Bills, and many more. While all those moments caused commotion in the fans, there was one among all that waited for 20 years, but unfortunately, was too short and left very dissatisfied fans of this character.

Vegetto’s miraculous appearance in the Zamasu saga was one of the most anticipated moments in all #DRAGON BALL Super, and Dragon Ball in general, because it was expected with great anxiety to see this warrior, for many reasons. Among these factors, we expected a future encounter with Bills, a meeting that did not happen because of the new rule of Pothara earrings, which mentions that the fusion that is not between gods only lasts one hour. After the disappointment of seeing #vegetto no more than 5 minutes on screen, we wondered if perhaps this powerful being will reappear in the future.

The logic indicates that we would not see Vegetto again for several reasons. Among those reasons, we find the enormous disadvantage that now represents the imposed time limit, due to the excessive wear and tear that involves the transformation in Super Saiyan blue. In the past, Vegetto lasted an entire hour in the battle against Bu, since he only used the ordinary Super Saiyan, but to reappear, he should use all his power, and the fusion would not last more than 10 minutes.

However, in a case of extreme necessity, although the period of fusion is too short, Vegeta and Goku would choose to use the merger once again, and give way to this unique warrior, although risking too much.

Certainly, the chances that Vegetto reappears are very rare for all the points already mentioned. The limit of time, the limitation in some techniques due to his energy wasted and the obligation to use all the power, are some of the impediments that make this fusion no longer reappear, although if you are Vegetto fan, you should not Lose hope, as the story gives surprising twists and the most powerful Saiyan of all times and universes could return when you least expect it.

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