Top 5 facts about Draken from Tokyo Revengers:

Ryuuguji Ken, also known as Draken, is one of the key characters of the Tokyo Revengers anime. Draken is the vice president of the Touman gang, also known as the Tokyo Manji gang. Draken is the life of the Tokyo Revengers anime. There are many facts about Draken every Revengers fan must know. In this blog, I will discuss the top 5 facts about Draken.


1. Draken A Juvenile Delinquent with a ‘Heart of Gold’:

Although he is someone who looks intimidating, he is one of the very few people who have a very kind heart. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that he is the thug with the most powerful moral awareness.

Draken along with Mikey despises all illegitimate activities from gambling to attacking innocent civilians.

There are instances where Draken has stopped the gambling events. It is not wrong to say that he is the best example of the saying never judge a book by its covers. Draken though looking like a person with a badass attitude he is really very kind-hearted.


2. Draken Grew Up in a Red District:

From his childhood, he has always been more mature and realistic than his peers. Draken has a very mature mindset from his childhood. The fact that he grew up in a red district is the major reason for his mature mindset.

he lost contact with his parents when he was 2 years old. Till now no one knows who his biological father is. His mom also left him at a very early age in his childhood. All these events had made a deep impact on the mind of Draken and made him strong and mature mentally.


3. The Person Who Gives Mikey Moral Guidance

he is the person who is always behind Mikey. The last few episodes of Tokyo Revengers have shown how Draken has helped Mikey to survive in the anime. In the future when Draken will not be there to guide Mikey, Mikey’s life is going to be affected drastically. It is fair to say that Mikey and Draken are incomplete with each other.

Mikey seems like the childish brother who does silly things, he represents the mature brother who guides Mikey and helps him every time.


4. Romantically Involved with Emma Sano

he is not only a powerful street fighter he is also a romantic lover. He is in a romantic relationship with Emma Sano.

This romantic relationship has many rocky things in it. Emma Sano thinks that he doesn’t care about her. Although it is the opposite, Draken has a very generous nature for Emma Sano. There are rumors that say Emma cheats with Mikey.


5. Rides a Kawasaki Zephyr 400:

he has great fighting skills. Apart from his fighting skills, he is also a great rider. He rides a Kawasaki Zephyr 400, a bike that matches his heights and looks very well.

So these were the top 5 facts about Draken from Tokyo Revengers.

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