Eldest Souls (2021) is going to be a new Anime-Styled game which is going to be released this year has come up with its Trailer

Eldest Souls game: Fallen Flag Studio who is a New developer which had

provided us news related to the release date along with its trailer which is

very impressive. All this is for the first time for this upcoming indie game

namely Eldest Souls. collaborating publisher of this game is United Label

Games who are also known for their unique games namely Roki and as well as

Tails of Iron.

Eldest Souls game
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This game which will be going to be release on the date of July 29, 2021.

And it is also expect that this game is going to be available for the

consoles as well as for PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation (PS4, PS 5),

and Xbox (One and Series X). The trailer of this game which shows

an extra advantageous action pack with a sneak peek which provides

that what the players can expect about this game. You can check out

Eldest Souls game

its trailer which is currently available on youtube. This game is expecte

to be a 16-Bit pixel-action game along with its adventurous RPG storyline

which follows its vengeful Gods who all were once upon in a time were

trappe into a place which was forgotten temples but they have escape

from there so as to unleash their terror upon all over the world. This game

is going to place heavy emphasis on is the awesomeness of the boss

fighting also on its uniqueness as well as its mysterious abilities which will

unlock afterward. If I even have missed any great point about this topic.

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