Eternals (2021): In the below lines, there is the release date, cast, news, and latest updates.

Eternals (2021): Actually, Based on the Marvel Comics, this upcoming superhero movie

titled Eternals which is Produced by the Marvel Studios. a world famous studio.

however And Eternals movies Music is given by Ramin Djawadi.

as well as Cinematography is done by Ben Davis and edited by Craig Wood and Dylan Tichenor.

also Walt Disney Studios and the Motion Pictures will be going to Distribute

this movie produced by the Marvel Studios company.

as The Eternals movie (2021) is announced to be released

this year very soon the Eternals movie (2021)s trailer is out now.

The Eternals (2021) is going to be scheduled to released soon on Nov. 5, 2021 (in the U.S).

however and This movie is have budget of around $200 million.

Eternals (2021)
Eternals (2021) – Upcoming Movie

Eternals movie (2021)


In fact The cast of Eternals (film) this is the staring a number of amaze names some of which are some below.

  • Gemma Chan will play the character Sersi
  • Richard Madden will play the character Ikaris
  • Kumail Nanjiani will play the character Kingo
  • Lia McHugh will play the character Sprite
  • Brian Tyree Henry will play the character Phastos
  • Lauren Ridloff will play the character Makkari
  • Barry Keoghan will play the character Druig
  • Don Lee will play the character Gilgamesh
  • Gil Birmingham
  • Harish Patel will play the character Karun
  • Kit Harington will play the character Dane Whitman
  • Salma Hayek will play the character Ajak
  • Angelina Jolie will play the character Thena
  • Brenda Lorena Garcia will play the character Babylon Villager

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