Everything You Need To Know About BLACKPINK: The year is 2022, and five years have passed since BLACKPINK made their debut. They are still the most well-known and prosperous K-POP girl group of this generation, and their growth is accelerating.

Each of the group’s four members currently has more than 50 million Instagram followers. In reality, the president of South Korea hailed Blackpink as a “global K-pop sensation” and gave the group credit for popularizing K-pop around the world. Blackpink has worked to break out from the typical “cute” stereotype of girl idols ever since their debut.

In addition, the moniker Blackpink connotes both the conventionally gorgeous and strong side of women. Let’s examine everything you should know about BLACKPINK if you find this to be intriguing.


Why is Blackpink their name?

The members of the group, which was created by YG Entertainment under the well-known K-pop trainee system in South Korea, went through an audition process with the agency to become students or “trainees,” with the goal of one day making their recording artist debut. When the girl group Blackpink made its debut, their label YG Entertainment explained that the name was meant to imply that the members of the group embodied more than just beauty.

The statement said, “The meaning of BLACKPINK seeks to defy the conventional understanding of the hue pink. “Blackpink” truly implies to express that “Pretty isn’t everything,” despite the fact that pink is frequently used to convey prettiness. They are a team that embodies both high brilliance and beauty, which is another meaning of the emblem.”


What sets Blackpink apart from other K-pop artists?

Less than 22 tracks, all singles, were released between Blackpink’s 2016 debut and the release of The Album in 2020. Despite having a limited record, the group’s glam aesthetic and entertaining dancing were rapidly copied by other K-pop artists and followers in their social media videos.

Blackpink’s songs, which explore vulnerability and independence, have bilingual lyrics, and they have an obvious stage presence, which accounts for a large portion of their success. The styling of Blackpink’s music videos, or the “concepts” for each song, is another of their trademarks. Blackpink frequently uses five or six whole different themes (along with various hair colors and outfits) in their music videos, as opposed to certain K-pop artists who might use two or three.


Members of Blackpink

1) Jisoo

BLINKs frequently describe Kim Jisoo, a vocalist, as “adorable” (the official name of Blackpink fans). Prior films showed her holding a cup or an award on her head. She is noted for her poise and steadiness as well as for balancing strange objects on her head or shoulders. Jisoo has recently been revealed as the lead in the new drama Snowdrop after previously appearing in advertisements before joining Blackpink. The singer is proficient in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese yet is the only member who is not. Jisoo’s unflappable serenity surprised the host during a 2019 appearance on The Late Show with James Corden.


2) Jennie

The longest “trainee” of the group was Jennie, the main rapper and singer of Blackpink, who served in that capacity for slightly under six years. (Under the trainee system in South Korea, aspiring pop idols audition with entertainment firms to become trainees in the hopes of one day making their artistic debut.) Speaking good English in addition to Korean and Japanese, Jennie spent some time living in New Zealand before returning to South Korea in 2010. Her solo song, “SOLO,” was the first one released by a member of Blackpink. Her flexibility as a rapper and singer was demonstrated in the music video, and the more than 20 different clothes she wore throughout the three-minute piece helped to further establish her as a fashion star.


3) Rose

Her real name is Roseanne Park, and she was raised in Australia before being born in New Zealand. She is one of the best female singers in the K-POP business and the group’s lead vocalist. Rose speaks English the best out of the four of them and typically represents the group on English interview shows. She also has a lovely Australian accent. Her “On the Ground” album, which had two songs, was released in March 2021, making her the second member to go solo. Rosé is the first ever KPOP idol to attend the Met Gala. She represents Tiffany & Co. and Yves Saint Laurent globally.

4) Lisa

Lisa, also known by her stage name as Lalisa Manobal, is a Thai singer, dancer, and rapper who is also the group’s youngest member. As the lead dancer, she is frequently referred to as one of the best women in the business. She is bilingual and is currently learning Japanese and Chinese in addition to speaking English, Thai, and Korean with ease. Lisa’s solo single “Lalisa,” which she released in September 2021, garnered the most YouTube views for a solo artist’s first 24-hour period. In the world of fashion, Celine and Bulgari have chosen Lisa to serve as their global brand ambassadors.

Frequently Played Songs

“DDU-DU DDU-DU,” “Boombayah,” and “Kill This Love” are three of Blackpink’s tracks that consistently top international music charts. DDU-DU DDU-DU is the first K-pop girl group song to top the Billboard Hot 100, and “Kill This Love” is the YouTube video with the fastest-rising 100 million views. The group’s other well-known songs include “Stay,” “Don’t Know What to Do,” “As If It’s Your Last,” “Whistle,” “Playing With Fire,” “Kiss and Make Up (feat. Dua Lipa”),” and “As If It’s Your Last.”

How did it become popular on Social Media?

Blackpink’s rise to prominence on social media is rather mysterious. Blackpink’s social media fan base has increased with each new album release. With 16.4 million followers as of April 2019, Blackpink is the K-pop group with the most followers on Instagram, surpassing Lisa as the most popular K-pop female idol. Before the single “Kill This Love” was released, the group’s official Instagram account earned more than two million likes for teaser images of each member offering frightening poses while sporting new hair colors. Blackpink constantly announces new plans to invade the areas of its worldwide admirers, and the group’s catchphrase from their debut song, “Boombayah,” “Blackpink in your area,” is frequently trending on Twitter as a result.

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