Top Ten facts about Fiona ‘Nightfall’ Frost 2022

The plot of the anime Spy x Family has been picking up steam as more and more supporting players are added to the mix. Fiona Frost, one of the major supporting characters in Spy x Family, is one such character slated to make her anime debut anytime soon.

The codename Nightfall belongs to Fiona Frost, a fellow spy with Loid Forger. At Berlint General Hospital, she helps Loid by serving as his informational assistant. She was supposed to be Loid’s wife in his mission, but she was already committed to another mission at the time Loid was looking for a wife. Let’s discuss all the information about Fiona “Nightfall” Frost in this post.

Fiona Frost

1. Fiona Frost have Cold purple eyes

Fiona is a fair-skinned woman of ordinary height with bobbed hair that is a light lavender tint and a long fringe that is typically swept behind her left ear. She frequently sports an expressionless look and has cool, purple eyes that are bordered by light eyelashes. A black blazer and a low-dip shirt make up Fiona’s attire while she is in the Forgers’ home. She is first seen wearing a huge duffel coat with a black turtleneck and pants underneath. Her stud earrings have the appearance of the WISE logo.

Fiona Frost

2. Fiona Frost Trained by Loid Forger

Fiona has a tendency to maintain an emotionless front after being taught by Loid Forger to conceal her actual feelings. She even maintained this appearance while making a mental declaration of love to Loid. She views herself as Loid’s superior companion and desires to have him separated from Yor Forger so they can be together.

Fiona Frost

3. Fiona’s abilities and skills

It is impossible for anyone to discern Fiona’s emotions because she is able to hide all of them. She always has a stern expression on her face, regardless of whether she is joyful, upset, angry, or even proposing to her lover. In tennis, Fiona defeated several opponents, demonstrating her tremendous physical strength. To a certain extent, she even succeeded in rallying a shot from Yor.

Fiona Frost

4. Relationships with Loid Forger and Yor Forger

During her training to become a spy, Twilight acted as a mentor and taught her how to hide her feelings and never be vulnerable. Likely as a result of this time she spent with him, Fiona fell in love with Twilight and now harbours a secret desire to replace Yor,

whose she believes is unfit for such a crucial role, by becoming his wife. Fiona considers Yor to be a poor choice for Loid’s wife and is envious of both the fact that Loid chose Yor over a woman who is far less qualified to be his wife and the fact that Yor is able to make Loid feel some true happiness when around her.

Fiona Frost

5. Fiona Frost Works with Twilight

Under Twilight, Fiona received training to become a spy who didn’t let their feelings get in the way of the investigation. She does, however, find herself falling more and more in love with Twilight as they work together. Though she desired to be working alongside him as Operation Strix’s wife,

Twilight was unable to do so because she was doing another operation at the time. She was instead assigned to Berlint General Hospital to work covertly as Twilight’s aide there so she could give him mission details.

Fiona Frost

6. Fiona Frost is a spy

In addition, Fiona is a spy who had WISE training. Loid Forger, the best snitch in the group, was the one who trained her. Fiona frequently hides her emotions beneath her stoic expression since she was taught how to suppress them. In prior missions, she had also collaborated with Loid, and it was because of this that she had trained with him and become fond of him.

Fiona Frost

7. Obsessive love for twilight

The fact that she would be able to conduct more than adequate study on her adversary would also give her an advantage in terms of combat intelligence. She may also get psychological advantage if she is successful in persuading Yor to give up. Along with these qualities, it’s also likely that her obsession with Twilight will help her in an emergency

and push her above her normal boundaries in a fit of rage. This could have a double-edged effect, too, as concentrating too much on the subject of her love could divert attention from the actual conflict.

Fiona Frost

8. Weakest Point in her house

Her disconcerting lack of empathy is the weakest link in her appeal as a homemaker. Despite her unwavering devotion for Loid, she views Anya as nothing more than a tool in the overall scheme of things. Anya is appalled to see the Spartan studying regimen Fiona has in mind as she peeks into her head. While having a detached mindset is good for spy work, which calls for it, it would be detrimental to a child’s growth.

9. A desirable trait

Fiona asserts that she would make a better wife. She would probably also impress the leaders at Eden with her intelligence and inclination toward perfectionism. Her notions about what goes into keeping a house seem a little off, though. Reconnaissance is more spy work than housewife, even though her cooking and cleaning abilities may be suitable. Although it is a desirable quality in a lifelong companion, there is no reason to doubt that she would exert every effort to help Loid.

10. Fiona feels jealous

Since she was able to portray Loid as her husband, Fiona is genuinely envious of him. She is envious of Yor’s ability to perform the task so well despite the fact that she lacks Fiona’s spying abilities. Of course, she also finds it uncomfortable that Yor can make Loid experience genuine emotions.

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