The Five Elements Seal is a so powerful technique that is used to block and disturb the target’s chakra flow.the target’s will become unconscious and unable to fight for the short time. Orochimaru performe this technique’s to tamper with Naruto Uzumaki’s seal’s. The original seals allowed a small amount of the Nine-Tail’s chakra to always mix into Naruto Uzumaki , but the additional seal disturbs this to, preventing Naruto Uzumaki from using the Nine-Tail’s chakra or even controlling on his own chakra properly. This is because an odd-numbere seals creates an imbalance when placed on top of an even-numbere seals. When Orochimaru later notice that the seal has been removed, he remark’s that there are very few ninja capable of doing that, like Jiraiya.

The “Five Elements Seal” referre to in the name of this technique’s are the Chinese Five Element’s, the Five Movements (Japanese – Gogyō 五行 , Chinese – Wǔxíng)

  • Metal (Chinese – jīn ),
  • Wood (Chinese – mù ),
  • Water (Chinese – shuǐ ),
  • Fire (Chinese – huǒ),
  • Earth (Chinese – tǔ )


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