Tony Stark: I bet that you guys would not know that how does and for what purpose.

Tony stark (also known as) Iron Man uses his nano-suit in the Avengers end game movie.

let me share the incident when tony was traveling back in time

(one of the scenes you can find in the movie) and,

he was sneaking into the stark tower, which was the place where

he makes most of the gadgets and his most valuable items were kept.

Tony stark uses his suits “new nanotech” which is considered to be

the topmost suits ever created by anyone on the earth.

So by using the nanotech suit for the purpose to retract from the feet first right there to land more quietly.

By which he generates no sounds and by which no one gets alert or gets any hints that Someone (ironman) comes up.surprisingly

Tony Stark
For what purpose Tony Stark uses his Nano Suits ?

Tony Stark Some other facts about the suits are also that One of the key important things

people have not mentioned anywhere is about the suit is

that it was not such a lot of a suit because only it is an extension of Tony’s own body.

the suit had the ability of body-enhancing technology which can accelerate the reproduction

process and also can make the death of cells so fast,

it gives Stark regenerative powers and abilities just like Wolverine.

Tony Stark created the Mark Ruffalo (Hulk) Armor by relying on new nanotechnology.

The suit was entirely suit carry in a portable housing unit of nanoparticles

which could place over tony Stark’s body with a simple click on it.

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