Free fire is a battle game that is famous across the world.

Free Fire: It is a hard-hitting competition for several battling games one of them is PUBG. We all know that in India, PUBG (PUBG Mobile) was banned due to some policy issue. Through this the Free Fire game takes place and now it is a famous game.
For making the player interest the developer brings new updates. In recent times the Free Fire has released new updates for maintaining the interest of the player.

Free Fire
Free Fire: List of the new update

New updates

  • In this update, the gamer will get new Revival Mechanism use in maps.
  • Moreover, the player will get more options to change the character.
  • The next update is kind of interesting where you can change skills in the lobby know as the Loadout System.
  • This version makes the Bermuda map permanent and the player can use the Kalahari map as an option.
  • You can select weapons from different stores through Clash Squad.
  • The Kord is also added in this new update in-game.
  • which helps in getting more points and power in the game.
  • The balancing must be essential in the gaming section so Wukong and Rafaels have some changes for a better experience.

However, these are some new updates that are, made by the developer team

to get the best experience in the playing section. However, these changes make the game a more interesting and fair experience.

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