Top 10 facts about Fuegoleon Vermillion Black Clover 2022

Fuegoleon Vermillion, one of the candidates for Wizard King, is the apex of Magic Knights in the Clover Kingdom. Fuegoleon, like his sister Mereoleona, is a formidable Fire Magic manipulator. He is the smart and intelligent of all the Grand Magic Knights, including his sister. Fuegoleon can swiftly wipe out big groups of opponents with enormous blasts of fire

and focused beams to incinerate targeted targets. Fuegoleon’s strength hasn’t weakened even if he’s in a coma. Since regaining consciousness, he’s grown even more powerful. There’s no telling how much power this wizard will become as the Fire Spirit Salamander’s present spouse. Let’s take a look at the Top Ten facts about Fuegoleon Vermillion.


10. Fuegoleon First Son of Clover Kingdom House

He is the first son of House Vermillion, one of the Clover Kingdom’s royal dynasties; Fuegoleon Vermillion is a nobleman. He is also the leader of the Crimson Lion squad of the Magic Knights. While he is in a coma, he is briefly replaced by his older sister, Mereoleona, who returns to his role after he recovers. After abandoning Fana, Salamander, the fire spirit, chooses to serve Fuegoleon.


9. Tall Men with Purple Eyes

Fuegoleon is a tall man with purple color eyes and vermillion hair long and straight. His lengthy fringe is combed to the left in a wavy haircut, while his hair is perfectly combed to the back. The crimson stripes around his eyes are one of his distinguishing features. Another is a diamond-shaped mark in the center of his forehead with a similar tint. He also wears red earrings on his ears. Fuegoleon loses his right arm during his battle with Licht and is subsequently replaced by one made of fire.


8. Fuegoleon’s Attire

Fuegoleon wears a white tunic with long sleeves and a high neck, covered with a dark blue shirt. The shirt is embellished with gold-colored fabric that features vertical stripes on the edges, collars, and sleeves. He wears a purple belt around his waist to hold the top in place. He also wears white trousers and black high boots with a pattern that matches his shirt. Fuegoleon wears a big red cape over his outfit. He has short hair and wears a dark color,

short-sleeved blouse with a light-colored design around the edges and up the sleeves when he is a little child. Fuegoleon has shorter hair as a young man, which he binds with a band. He also does not yet have a diamond-shaped mark on his forehead. His outfit is comparable to an adult’s, except that the shirt has short sleeves.


7. Fuegoleon Captain of Crimson Lion Squad

Fuegoleon wears the Crimson Lion squad’s trademark robe, which only covers his torso, as a squad member. His squad garment matches his robe in color. The robe features ornate gold motifs on the lower front edge and is paired with a crimson scarf. A pair of gold-colored strands protrude from between the scarf and the robe in the front,

and each end is adorned with a purple stone. Finally, the squad’s symbol is position in the robe’s middle back. Fuegoleon wears a high-collared shirt with a clover pattern on the left side of his chest six months after the elves’ invasion. His grimoire pouch hangs off the left, and he wears a leather belt to keep the shirt closed. His squad robe has scalloped edges and gold trim, forming clovers along the bottom.


6. Fuegoleon A Fair Person

Fuegoleon is a just individual who assesses individuals based on their inherent worth rather than their social standing. This side of him may be seen when he defends Asta from House Silva’s oppression by convincing them that Asta was brought by Julius Novachrono,

implying that the Magic Emperor recognizes his value. Furthermore, his action demonstrates his sense of justice, as he would not stand by and do anything if someone was being oppressed, regardless of the reason or the perpetrator’s standing.


5. Fuegoleon Charismatic Personality

Fuegoleon has also demonstrated a captivating personality related to his capacity to lead. He can rapidly take command of a crisis and issue orders, such as giving orders to multiple Knights after being notified that the Royal Capital is being invade. In a crisis, he is also quite calm and composed. Even when defending against a barrage of blows, he can analyze and uncover his opponent’s flaws.


4. Fuegoleon Wise and a Prideful Man

Furthermore, Fuegoleon is a smart man with a no-nonsense attitude who would criticize anyone who loses focus in a critical crisis. His wisdom can be evidenced in his willingness to consult Noelle Silva after her siblings humiliated her,

despite her noble community’s reputation. Finally, despite his noble status, Fuegoleon is still a proud man who is easily enraged by even the tiniest suggestion of impoliteness, such as when Nozel Silva makes a patronizing remark to him or acknowledges it to himself that Yami was more perceptive than him when it came to Asta.


3. Instructed in Magic

House Vermillion’s oldest son, Fuegoleon, is born. Theresa Rapual teaches him magic, and he spends a lot of time with his older sister, Mereoleona. Fuegoleon also develops a rivalry with Nozel Silva, a distant relative. Even when they are admit into their respective Magic Knights squads, their bond remains intact.

Fuegoleon meets Mereoleona the day before receiving her grimoire, inquiring about her decision not to join the Crimson Lion squad. Fuegoleon challenges her to a fight after she disparages the Magic Knights. The following fire damages a portion of the Vermillion Estate, and the battle is dubbed “Hot-Blooded Tuesday.”

2. Fuegoleon Abilities

Fuegoleon is a skilled tactician, as evidenced by his duel with Rades Spirito, where he was able to pinpoint a weakness in his opponent’s defenses and cast a spell through it. Due to Reinforcement Magic, Fuegoleon has incredible physical strength. An Apostle of Sephirah can be defeated with a single stomach punch. Fuegoleon wields a great deal of magic power as a prince and the captain of a Magic Knights unit. He can build a powerful pressure field around himself by releasing it, and he can manifest a big lion using his magical abilities.

1. Relationship with Nozel Silva

Since boyhood, Fuegoleon and Nozel Silva have been competitors. Fuegoleon was quick to chastise Nozel for attacking Asta during the War Merits Conferment Ceremony and even faster to prepare to fight him. Nozel, for his part, was willing to do the same, considering Fuegoleon’s involvement in the affair to be inconvenient. Despite this, the two get along well and have real respect for one another’s abilities.

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