Funimation Shuts Down Anime Pirate Apps With DMCA Notices.

Funimation Shuts Down: A wave of the digital millennium copyright notices have shut down many piracy focussed services and apps and has forced many of those piracy apps to run for cover.

The strict enforcement of laws by the DMCA has already resulted in the ban of three popular piracy apps,

and many other apps are hiding to prevent themselves from the same.

Funimation Shuts Down

There is no doubt that anime is insanely popular in Japan but over the years the popularity of anime has grown to a huge extent,

especially in the west because of the ease at which anime was available thanks to those piracy services.

The lack of a proper distribution network for anime result in the growth of anime base piracy services to the extent that

they got deep-root in society, but now as many studios and platforms including

Netflix and Disney are investing hugely in anime, anti-piracy action was a definite outcome.

Funimation targets Piracy Apps and runs the Anti Piracy Campaign with DMCA Notices:

Recently this week Funimation started a new Anti Piracy Campaign to stop piracy services from giving premium anime content for free.

Last month, Funimation acquired Crunchyroll, one of the non pirated anime services, for a whopping 1.17 billion dollars.

Funimation Shuts Down

To protect its investment and also to grow the non pirated premium anime services,

Funimation collaborated with CorSearch and began their Anti Piracy Campaign by identifying the piracy app and services and warning them to shut down.

Taiyaki: Complete Shut Down by Funimation

The first victim of the Anti Piracy Campaign started by Funimation is Taiyaki. Taiyaki’s owner received a notice as per DMCA that they need to shut down

their services otherwise strict legal action would be taken against them. The app was close immediately after that.

Funimation Shuts Down

AnimeGlare: Second Victim of DMCA Notices:

Animeglare was also target by Funimation and as a result, Animeglare receive a cease and Desist notice to which it has to stop all its services.

Anime glare officially announces that all its services have been stopping completely in response to the Cease and desist letter that it got from Funimation.

Funimation Shuts Down

Shiro Stops Development after receiving DMCA notice:

Shiro was the third victim and it also received a DMCA takedown notice from Corsearch to

which Shiro had to stop all its services immediately.

The Shiro developer said that they have receive a takedown notice from DMCA and as a response to that all

the development of Shiro has been stopping completely.

The Shiro developer also advises other piracy based services that they all need to go private and hide everything as soon as possible

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