GTA 5 has sold about 150 Million Copies makes a record

GTA 5 has sold: As the GTA is the most popular Online game

till now and it Continues so as to Grow Grand Theft Auto V

game which has Reached its New Milestone which is a record

of 150 Million Copies which has been Sold till this Date This

figure was grown up by the number of 5 million as compare

to its last the figure of the 145 million figure which was

reported about three months ago. The not only fact is that this

game is selling well to this date but its GTA Online mode which

GTA 5 has sold

is also cruising as well. Management stated that the new update

of Los Santos Tuners which has helped this kind of growth to

this game and as well as to break these records. This entire

series of GTA which has till now crossed its 350 million units

sold record as compare to its competitive game which has sold

over 400 million of Call of Duty. GTA V is going to continue to

grow because Rockstar is going to release this game as an

open-world game over the platforms like PS5 and as well as

GTA 5 has sold

on Xbox Series X|S in the month of November. A new version

which will be a standalone version of this most famous game

GTA Online which will be going to be release in the month of

November, and also it is going to be free over the PS5 at the

time of launch. If I even have missed any great point about this

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  1. Rockstart is just that kind of company. They will continue to do well. I’m looking forward to the next game. GTA 6 ain’t never coming out, they are going to milk this game as long as they can. 😂😂😂. I WONDER HOW MUCH MONEY THEY MADE ALTOGETHER


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