GTO: Eikichi Onizuka, the hoodlum teacher

GTO: Eikichi Onizuka is a homeroom teacher at Holy Forest Academy. He is 22 years of age, a deviant, a chain-smoker, has ear penetrating, loves to wear not casual garments, is a dark belt, has unusual strength, rides a Kawasaki Z1, is a hoodlum turned educator, has extraordinary energy for instructing and always remembers to show his all wrecked understudies a few qualities.

These things make him the best educator Japan has at any point had. Believe me! GTO (Not Pontiac yet Great Teacher Onizuka anime) manages this boss person, Onizuka, who needs to turn into a genuine instructor. GTO depends on a similar name manga by Tooru Fujisawa.


Among the incalculable animes, you have at any point seen or will see, this anime and this person Onizuka will be engraved on your heart since it gives you some very excellent life illustrations with some beautiful boss models.

GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) Review

GTO has got it all parody, sentiment, dramatization, harassing, reprobates… well, you might think this is simply one more anime. Yet, I can guarantee you it’s excellent and thoroughly satisfies being a work of art. This story revolves around the likes of Onizuka Ekikichi, who is a bachelor and a bonafide virgin. He was one of the most dreaded hoodlums in Tokyo before he chose to turn into the Greatest Teacher on the planet.


After a great deal of hustling, he at long last had the chance to be the homeroom instructor of Class 3-4 of the lofty Holy Forest Academy. Each character got an unconventional range of abilities that are utilized for both great and awful. The situations they think of are excessively acceptable. The story spins around him and uses his delinquent gangsta strategies to conquer specific parts of life in the most comedic way imaginable.

Central location has every component

The central scene truly clicks with everybody. The central location has every component that will later be utilized in different settings, assuming you preferred the primary stage. I’ll request that you stay close by the show regardless of the existing illustrations you can learn. I’ll, by and large, say the story is banality, and they utilize a similar recipe. The bad guy seems to appear genuinely incredible.


However, Onizuka appears at the ideal time with a sensational section and makes all the difference. The series manages a comprehensive exhibit of themes. Some are excessively intense, and some are damn amusing. I like how they mainly handle specific challenging subjects and provide a sense of finality and answers.

The consummation or the last circular segment appeared to be hurried. However, generally a decent watch. The movement is helpful for now is the right time. The voice acting both in sub and name is terrific, the characters were fun, the opening and finishing melodies were too acceptable, and the comedic scenes were conveyed impeccably. The anime works with any crowd. Since the consummation appeared to have surged, I’ll bounce on the manga. I am enthusiastically suggesting!


Eikichi Onizuka Character Outline (GTO)

Onizuka is an all-around revolutionary character, and he is clever and defiant. In case he wasn’t a sick person, which drove him to turn into an instructor, he would show up as an android educator from what’s to come. His considerable trademark is his responsibility toward his understudies. He is a genuine man who is relentless in showing his understudies some excellent illustrations in an exceptional manner.

Eikichi isn’t anxious about any errors and couldn’t care less with regards to expressions of remorse. He has an extraordinary feeling of equity; he attempts to single out his understudies!!

The anime is entertaining, got some great vehicles to pursue arrangements, incredible battle groupings, and heaps of contacting minutes. It comes in that class which should not be missed. If you are an enthusiast of late 90’s anime, there are a massive load of computer game and anime references in the entire anime course.


The initial liveliness is genuinely something to observe. It is even recommend to look at it if only for the opening. The anime checks it in simple 43 scenes as the manga contains huge material anyway; it could plot some incredible characters and stories.

The understudies are completely screw up, they do their best to embarrass him, yet he gradually befriends them. Finally, with the last scene, you will sort out how he procured the trust and regard of his understudies through his long slope battle and become the best educator Japan has at any point seen.

Relationship (GTO)

Because of his extraordinary magnetism and incredible examples of existence, Onizuka procured the regard and love of a few ladies towards the series.

Azusa Fuyutsuki

Azusa is additionally an instructor and Onizuka’s partner at a similar school. Dissimilar to Onizuka, She moved on from a notable college. In any case, Azusa has a shaky outlook on her work, especially at the beginning of the series, when female understudies became jealous of her due to drawing in a few young men with her attractive features.


In the long run, on account of Onizuka’s recommendation, she figured out how to win them decently around. Onizuka enormously thinks often about her, consistently supports her, and consoles her that she is an extraordinary instructor.

He appreciates every one of the things she accomplished for him and even notices that she showed him something significant he wasn’t even mindful of. Azusa consequently cares very much about him, as she helped him a few times from sensitive circumstances, which would get him terminate.

Urumi Kanzaki

She is the subsequent individual to go gaga for Onizuka. Urumi was a virtuoso with an IQ over 200 and notable for her group psychological oppression because of an episode when an educator double-crossed her before. Initially, Urumi was adversarial towards Onizuka, outlining him for assaulting her and showing up at school a day or two ago as his understudy, setting a King Cobra toy in his groin, causing him a deep sense of embarrassment.

Needing to know the purpose of her conduct, Onizuka follow her and got himself spot by her. They went a short time later to a ramen café when Urumi let Onizuka know that, for the most part, educators will not spare a moment to leave their understudies in a fragile circumstance.

Onizuka answered that he isn’t the sort who might dispose of his understudies. To test Onizuka’s actual character, Urumi started causing mischiefs, for example, tossing a jug at a Yakuza chief and threatening to self-destruct from a high structure.

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