Gungnir: So first of all to give some explanation of all these weapons, all of these weapons

are used in Marvel Cinematic Universe, Gungnir is the name of the weapon of Odin

and it is made of Alien Metal Uru, the same metal of which Stormbreaker is made up of.

Talking about the powers of Gungnir then, it is a powerful and mystical spear that has


great energy stored in it and it is able to throw highly powerful and continuous

energy blasts. Although we have not seen much of the use of Gungnir in Marvel

movies but still there are some instances of its usage like, Bor used it to kill

Dark Elves and Odin used it to kill frost giant giving a good idea of the powers

of Gungnir. Now if we talk about Nacro Sword then as per Marvel movies it is

the name given to the weapon of Hela but there is no special power that I can

see in this weapon, it seems just like a normal weapon that is use to kill mortal

persons. Surtur’s Sword is a very long 750 feet fully burn Sword that is capable

of cutting a planet into two halves. So now coming back to the question then if

we have to compare these three weapons on the basis of their power then as per


their capabilities, the clear winner will be Surtur’s Sword and considering the

immense size and powers of Surtur’s Sword we can easily conclude that Gungnir

and Nacro Sword are almost nothing in front of Surtur’s Sword.

So the real winner among these three weapons would be Surtur’s Sword.

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