HADES (2021) will Launch its game pass on Xbox in August

Excellent rogue like game of Supergiant Games which is Hades (2021).

This is titled to be a game which has won the title of one of the

best games of the year 2020. It is expecting to come for the consoles

like Xbox and as well as PlayStation consoles on the date of August 13th

this month. It might be available for both Xbox and as well as for PS

(Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PS4, PS5). You will surely have

the access of this game on August 13th just in case if you’re already

possessing an Xbox Game Pass subscriber already.


Supergiant has also offer to the players its physical editions of the game

and it will be in a partnership along with Private Division. The Xbox physical

edition may be playable on both which is Xbox One and as well as Xbox

Series consoles, and also it is expected that there may be a separate physical

version of this game for PS4 and PS5. You may be surprise with a free upgrade

for the PS5 game version if you have select any version the physical or the

digital PS4 of the game. Supergiant Games has said that on their blog that

the Xbox One, as well as PlayStation 4 versions of Hades, will run at video quality

of 1080p with a 60 frames per second as far as performance is concern.

The Xbox Series X/S as well as the PlayStation 5 versions will run at a video

resolution of 4K with target 60 frames per second.

However, The Xbox and PlayStation both the versions of the game will not support

the PC platform cross save feature which is only possessed by the

Nintendo Switch version. If i even have missed any great point about this topic.

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