Haikyuu! 10 Most Underrated Characters

Haikyuu: The following are 10 characters who have been underestimated up until this point.

10 Tetsurou Kuroo (Haikyuu)

First up is the skipper and center blocker of Nekoma High School volleyball crew, TetsurouKuroo. Presently, while Kuroo’s significance might appear glaringly evident for a couple of reasons, similar to the way that he is the accomplished third-year skipper of Karasuno High School’s greatest enemies.

He isn’t completely valued in these early pieces of the story, and we don’t will see a lot of him, essentially in these initial three periods of the anime. He is a commander of Nekoma’s volleyball crew, exhibiting that he isn’t just capable.

However, he has the experience necessary for the job and is a gifted center blocker, showing this against Karasuno and in the training sets in Tokyo. Kuroo additionally fills in as a guide for Tsukishima during that bend.

Haikyuu | 10 Most Underrated Characters 2021

9 Daichi Sawamura (Haikyuu)

This specific person certainly adores the story, especially during the significant matches in the second period of the Haikyuu!! Anime, however, regardless, DaichiSawamura’s significance can’t go downplayed.

He is the captain of the leading hero group of the series, Karasuno High School, being a third-year student (true to form from the way that many commanders are third-year students) and a wing spiker. His essence to the group is pivotal to their prosperity, as not exclusively are his abilities significant, yet his authority conveys the group forward. One specific space of solidarity of Daichi is his capacity to get the ball from the resistance.


8 Kenma Kozume (Haikyuu)

It is of nothing unexpected that this person, for the most part, goes under the radar (after his partner features his significance to the group and showing it in the season one practice match against Karasuno) on the grounds that that is similar to his person.

KenmaKozume is an incredibly gifted second-year setter and understudy of Nekoma High School alongside his most seasoned and dearest companion, TetsurouKuroo. Without a doubt, as a reference, the primary season addresses that he is so imperative to his group. However, he goes genuinely under the radar after that season.

He has been viewed as the “mind,” spine, and “heart” of the Nekoma group. His gifts are extraordinary to such an extent that they even grabbed the nearby eye of Kageyama in their first practice match. Fortunately, alongside Kuroo, he will get additional time at the center of attention in the impending Haikyuu!! OVA named Land versus Sky.


7 Hajime Iwaizumi (Haikyuu)

Aobajohsai High school has been viewed as a highly unique group consists of the main period of Haikyuu! Karasuno High School’s volleyball crew had their first practice match of the series against them and basically filled in as ostensibly their greatest adversaries, even before Nekoma at that point, having played each other twice seriously.

Since Hajime Iwaizumi is a side person to a greater degree, he doesn’t get a lot of screen time. However, it doesn’t do equity to his significance. He is the evil habit commander (second to Oikawa) wing spiker and “expert” of Aobajohsai. If not intended for his essence, the group would be without their top-scoring player,

and Oikawa would have lesser players to serve throws to and be somewhat less undermining. In the second match with Karasuno, he was slightly liable for upsetting Yamaguchi’s squeeze serves and changing them into focuses.


6 Koshi Sugawara (Haikyuu)

He has been fairly underplayed regardless of being a third-year student and as vice-captain for Karasuno High School’s volleyball crew as a result of the way that TobioKageyama has taken over as the group’s starting setter in spite of being a first-year student at Karasuno.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply that he is a frail player to the group. Sugawara most certainly has the experience and abilities important to be vital for the group in key minutes. Somewhere multiple times during the series’ first three seasons, he comes on in quite a while to enhance the group.

This is particularly so in Karasuno’s first aggressive match against Aoba johsai, where he comes on for Kageyama to assist with changing the progression of the group’s hostile play, especially with Shoyo since Oikawa and co. We’rereadingKageyama and Shoyo’s plays excessively well.


5 Takeru Nakashima

Fanatics of the series can doubtlessly be an excuse for neglecting this particular person in the series. Nevertheless, he shows up throughout the Spring High Preliminary arc as one of the lesser-known schools and groups facing Karasuno High School.

Leading the pack toward the second season’s headliner match against Aobajohsai (and obviously the third season match against ShiratorizawaAcademy). In any case, when to present against Karasuno’s group, he was unable to be ignore. He’s a third-year understudy and commander for Wakutani.

As per the youthful mentor Ukai, his playstyle most takes after the previous “Little Giant” and can do noteworthy accomplishments like changing the point of his spike and glancing the ball off the blocker’s mind to make it hard to get.


4 Takanobu Aone

Another imposing person and generally speaking player that Karasuno High School’s volleyball crew needs to defeat is TakanobuAone. While made to be a massive player in the primary season, it doesn’t precisely feature that he is so critical to his particular group (Date Tech High).

In any event, when Karasuno went along, they were known to have solid protection in their impending force. Aone was a piece of their “iron divider.” He is a second-year understudy and center blocker for the group, and it shows, particularly in the main season match against Karasuno. He is of amazing tallness and has a solid guarded ability.


3 Keiji Akaashi

One more person in the series that is not entirely obvious and completely appreciated however that is significant to his group. KeijiAkaashi is an essential gear-tooth in the machine that is the Fukurodani Academy, volleyball crew. Fukurodani Academy is referre to in Japan as a flat-out stalwart school as far as volleyball. As a beginning setter, he has a significant role in the group’s aggressive play,

which decides how well Bokuto (the group’s pro) can play. If not for Akaashi, Bokuto wouldn’t get as many great throws and score the measure of focuses that he does.

2 Ittetsu Takeda

Presently we arrive at the point on the rundown where we get to the non-player characters. In any case, Takeda is a significant mark of moral and calculated help for the whole Karasuno High School kid’s volleyball crew.

He is an enthusiastic man and is liable for giving said passionate and moral help to the group. In addition, he endeavors to get KeishinUkai to mentor the group and get selective and significant practice matches for Karasuno against the encompassing stalwart schools.

1 Keishin Ukai

At last, we compared the unbelievable senior mentor Ukai at Karasuno High School, the youthful mentor Ukai or KeishinUkai. It took the staff counselor, Ittetsu Takeda, a lot of time. However, it worked to enrolKeishinUkai since he was first impervious to being the senior mentor Ukai. Be that as it may,

he at last stays on as the ordinary mentor and is one more significant key factor in the group’s victories. He assisted with taking a group that was wavering around unremarkableness and transformed them into genuine challengers.

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