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Masashi Kishimoto: Kishimoto was born in The Okayama Japan on 8 November 1974 as the older identical twin of The Seishi Kishimoto. During his childhood, Masashi Kishimoto showed interest in drawing characters from the anime shows he watched such as Dr. Slump Arale and Doraemon’s titular protagonist. In elementary school, Masashi Kishimoto started watching the Dragon Ball and Kinnikuman anime alongside his brother. During the following years,

Kishimoto started idolizing Dragon Ball author Akira Toriyama enjoying not only his series Dr. Slump and Dragon Ball but also Dragon Quest a role-playing video game for which the Toriyama was an art designer. While he could not afford to buy Weekly Shonen Jump where Dragon Ball manga was published Kishimoto followed the series

Masashi Kishimoto

thanks to the a friend from school who had subscribed to the magazine By high school MasashiKishimoto started losing interest in the manga

as he started playing baseball and basketball sports Kishimoto practiced at his school. However, upon seeing a poster for the animated film Akira Masashi Kishimoto became fascinated

with the way illustration was made and wished to imitate the series creator Katsuhiro Otomo’s style.

Masashi Kishimoto spent time drawing manga

During Masashi’s last years of school, Masashi Kishimoto spent time drawing manga and went to an art college with hopes that he would become a manga artist. Upon entering college MasashiKishimoto decided

Masashi Kishimoto

he should try creating a Chanbara manga since Weekly Shonen Jump had not the published a title from that genre. However, during the same years, Kishimoto started reading Hiroaki Samura Blade of the Immortal

and Nobuhiro Watsuki Rurouni Kenshin which used such genre. Kishimoto recalls having never been the surprised by manga ever since reading Akira and found that he still was not able to compete against them. In Masashi second year of college, MasashiKishimoto started drawing manga for magazine contests. However, Kishimoto noted that his works were similar to seinen manga aimed towards a young adult demographic

rather than the shonen manga read by children. Wishing to write a manga for Shonen Jump that targets a young demographic Masashi Kishimoto found his new style unsuitable for the magazine.

Masashi Kishimoto

When watching the anime series Hashire Melos MasashiKishimoto was surprised by the character designs employed by the animator’s and he started researching works from the animators. He later met Nishio Tetsuya designer from the anime adaptation of the manga Ninku

who he deemed as a big influence Now emulating the way of drawing from the multiple character designers from the anime series Masashi Kishimoto noted that his style started resembling shonen series.

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