Demon Slayer: 7 Age Defining Defeats and Failures of HashiraSo Far

Hashira: The Hashira are the best regarding killing devils in the Demon Slayer anime. However, they’re not above committing errors and fizzling. They’re not a group separate from the vitally private multitude of Demon Slayers; however, they should be on account of their way of attire and generally first-class demeanour.

They’re the best line of safeguard humankind, and the Demon Slayers have against the most remarkable evil presences. So, all Hashira in Demon Slayer make them glare blemish: they’re just human. Like this, they’re not dependable and are positively not more complex than their devil adversaries.

These outcomes in some somewhat unbalanced matches and inwardly charged oversights on their part. Even the first class of the Demon Slayer Corps has submitted many errors, both little and severe, which have prompted a few deadly disappointments or annihilating losses.


7. That Time when they did Voting To Kill Nezuko Hashira

It’s justifiable why the Hashira needs to clear out any devil they see, paying little mind to its hostility or deficiency in that department.

They’ve lost numerous confidants to devils. Without a doubt, they’re not as humane or as kind as Tanjiro, who view a portion of the evil presences as survivors of the situation. That is why needing to kill Nezuko was a disappointment for their humanity.

Giyu Tomioka is excluded here as he learned not to kill devils without much forethought on account of Tanjiro.

However, every other person was somewhat murderous or casual about executing Muzan’s hesitant casualty alongside her dedicated sibling. The series would’ve been stopped if they continued with this biased reasoning.


6. When they lose Kyojuro To the Upper Moon Three

The Mugen Train Arc slopes up the show’s heritage by at long last presenting a Hashira in real life in their full brilliance. Because of Kyojuro Rengoku or the Flame Hashira, the fans, at last, get to see an energized show of Hashira may, and he’s a real pro.

Kyojuro is frequently considered among the best five or around that situation in the unwritten Hashira progressive system. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough for him to overcome Akaza or Upper Moon Three in a, to some degree, good fight.

Best case scenario, Kyojuro needed to score a Pyrrhic triumph by forfeiting himself with the goal that Akaza would not have sufficient opportunity to lay his clenched hands on the three more fragile Demon Slayer youngsters.

However, it was a significant battle as it gave a more extraordinary image of how the conflict between the Corps and the devils would create.


5. They Sent Kunoichi In Order To Spy Upon An Upper Moon Hashira

Tengen Uzui or the Sound Hashira was a ninja faction pioneer before turning into a Demon Slayer. That most likely discloses why he likes to utilize his group’s assets rather than the Corps’.

Such was the Entertainment District Arc situation where he sent his three Kunoichi spouses to monitor an evil presence or Upper Moon action. This didn’t end well for his spouses. Each of the three was caught and might have been killed without delivering the outcomes Tengen needed.

Aside from the way his spouses didn’t have Nichirin edges to guard themselves against devils, Tengen might have recently gone himself and done the spying (he did as such at any rate). In addition to the fact that that would bring about less regular citizen passings yet guard the spouses.


4. Tengen Uzui Retire After Suffering From Heavy Injuries

This is the place where the spoilers start. So Tengen at last found Upper Moon Six or Daki and the Hashira, alongside the three numbskulls and Nezuko, were almost ready to overcome the demoness until an unexpected partner appeared. That would be Gyutaro, who’s attached with Daki for the Upper Moon Six position.

This confounded the battle as two Upper Moons against one Hashira and a few Corps youngsters. Before the match, Tengen scarcely figured out how to remain alive after overcoming the two Upper Moon evil presences with the assistance of Inosuke, Zenitsu, Tanjiro, and Nezuko.

The Hashira lost an eye and an arm simultaneously and was likewise harm and wound on various occasions. Such wounds incited him to resign, implying one less Hashira for the Corps.


3. Upper Moon Two Devour Hashira Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu Kocho probably won’t flaunt much regarding her honours and ability as a Hashira when contrasted with Kyojuro and Tengen.

Yet, she’s considere one of the quickest and generally dexterous among her friends. Indeed, when she battles Upper Moon Two or Doma in the manga, the evil spirit even applauds her speed, referring to that it was not typical for any he’s seen earlier.

It’s awful that it didn’t keep Doma from killing Shinobu. The way she passed on under his hands was additionally ruthless; in the wake of slicing her across the chest, Doma continued to assimilate Shinobu.

That denoted the finish of the relatively underutilized Hashira to compound an already painful situation. The very evil presence that killed her was likewise her sister’s killer.


2. Upper Moon One killed Muichiro Tokito

Not many Demon Slayers have confronted Upper-Rank One and lived to tell the story. Upper Moon One or Kokushibo is probably the most seasoned demon spirit in the series and second to Muzan as far as power.

He was additionally a previous Demon Slayer who decided to turn into a devil. That is why it’s forgivable that even somebody like Muichiro Tokito is no counterpart for him.

In case it wasn’t already obvious, Muichiro was the most youthful Hashira at just 14 years old, which means he was possibly going to turn out to be much more impressive as he became older.

However, Kokushibo stopped that potential from developing when he went all out with his quick and robust assaults against Muichiro. As a result, Muichiro needed to forfeit himself so Gyomei and Sanemi could decapitate Kokushibo.

1. Hashira Obanai, Kanroji, and Gyomei Got Slayed by Muzan

Despite the few Hashira passings, the score was between the evil spirits and the Demon Slayer Corps. Consequently, all leftover Demon Slayers marched into Muzan’s palace for the last confrontation against him. Regardless of inconceivably dwarfing Muzan, the Demon King still outgunned the entire Corps.

Before the last blow was struck, killing the Demon King, Muzan brought down with him a few heavy weights, to be specific Obanai Iguro, Mitsuri Kanroji, and Gyomei Himejima-the remainder of whom is delegated as the most remarkable Hashira. Before the finish of the manga, just Sanemi and Giyu were the principal Hashira remaining.

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