Top 10 Interesting Facts about Himawari Uzumaki 2021

Himawari Uzumaki Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’ new generation of Konoha shinobi appear to be energetic characters. Boruto Uzumaki, the protagonist who inherits his father’s legacy, is joined by his sister, Himawari Uzumaki. Himawari Uzumaki, who is small, adorable, and energetic, exude positive and cheerful energy. Himawari is popular among Naruto fans. She is a young Konohagakure resident who is a member of the Uzumaki clan and a direct descendant of the Hyuga Clan. In this blog, we will read about Himawari Uzumaki.


1. Himawari made an appearance in Naruto the Last Movie

Himawari Uzumaki made her first formation in Naruto the Last Movie! She made her first appearance alongside Boruto at the end of Naruto the Last Movie, and they appeared to approach Naruto exceeding of their house.

Despite the downtime setting, the scene is gladdening as both kiddies engage in a snowball fight, which is joined by Hinata. Naruto also advised the children that if Hinata came serious, the snowball combats would come more violent.


2. Sunflower is her given name

The name”Himawari” is a Japanese word that means”sunflower.”Himawari Uzumaki, who bears her name, also constantly positions sunflowers on the grave of his uncle, Neji Hyuga.

Hinata believed that Himawari’s sunflowers at Neji’s grave would make her uncle’s spirit happy because she was always accompanied by the same flower as her whoreson’s name.


3. Kanji Has Two Meanings

Whether by chance or design, the first two kanji for Himawari can be read as “Hyuga” and can also be read as “Hinata.” Himawari is therefore named after Hinata and the Hyuga clan.


4. Masashi Kishimoto Ignored Her Byakugan

Masashi Kishimoto, the author of Naruto, intended to give Himawari Uzumaki a byakugan analogous to her mama’s, but Kishimoto forgot about it until chapter 700 of the manga.

Kishimoto also corrected the error with Zai no Sho Shots, a story about Himawari awakening her byakugan.


5. Himawari Uzumaki Background

Himawari is Hinata and Naruto Uzumaki’s younger sibling. On the day Naruto was to be sworn in because of the Seventh Hokage, Himawari wanted to bring her panda toy to the shape, but Boruto tried to require it down from her, stewing that he’d end up carrying it. When the toy’s head was ripped off in the haul of war that was replaced,

Himawari awakened her Byakugan and attacked Boruto in her rage, despite his vehement justifications. Naruto arrived and shielded Boruto, despite being knocked down by her murderous intent. Boruto tried to flee Himawari, fearful of what an attack that could master his father would do to him, but she had formerly planted her family hiding in a closet.


6. Her Personality

Himawari is a cheerful, considerate, and minding person. She’s shown to adore her family, looking forward to seeing her father when he returns home, hoping to make her late kinsman Neji happy by bringing flowers to his grave and enjoying visiting her motherly family whenever possible, as it’s revealed Himawari is close with her aunt and forefather on her mama’s side. She also appears to be particularly fond of her aged family and vice versa,

and she’s always eager to play with him whenever possible. She is veritably close to her parents, whom she refers to as “Mama” and ” Pop.” Himawari stayed by Hinata’s bedside as she was healed by Sakura after she was injured during Momoshiki and Kinshiki Otsutuski’s attack,

worriedly watching over her and holding her hand. Himawari, in discrepancy to her family, is veritably mature for her age, aiding her mama with chores. She also takes after her paternal forefather in being patient, probative, and understanding of her constantly absent father and his Hokage duties, but she wishes he could be home more frequently.

Himawari, on the other hand, has a fiery temper and can come veritably combative when provoked. With a strong attachment to her favorite plush, she snappily displayed an intimidating side, which caused her family to flee and hide from her, as well as her father and Kurama to be scarified of her.


7. Himawari Uzumaki Apperance

She is strikingly similar to her mother, with her dark blue hair styled with straight bangs and a time cut. Her hair, like her family’s, is flared out on the sides and back, and she wears an ahoge on top of her head that looks like the stem of a splint. Her father’s blue eyes, whisker markings on each arrogance, unruly hair, face shape, and mouth were all inherited by her.

As a toddler, Himawari wore a pink sweater, a three concentrated white flutter skirt, black pants, and flat pink sandals, and her ahoge was adorned with a light green binary blob hair clip. While visiting Neji’s grave, she was dress in an unheroic collar, long sleeve shirt with an orange cross hatch pattern resembling a sunflower, red pumpkin films, and unheroic shinobi sandals.

She appears in Boruto Naruto the Movie wearing a light weight unheroic long-sleeved hooded sweater with a blue shirt underneath with a petal suchlike pattern and a two concentrated pink flutter skirt. She’s also wearing fuchsia shinobi sandals and long black open toed socks.


8. The Youngest Clan Member of Two Large Clans

She is the youthful member of the two major clans, Uzumaki and Hyuga, at the time of jotting. She is a member of the clan through her father’s family.

Himawari and her aunt Hanabi Hyuga appear to have inherited Himawari’s and Hanabi Hyuga’s good looks from the Hyuga clan.

9. Boruto is Scarified of her

Himawari Uzumaki’s rage frightens her family because she can take down a Hokage. Boruto also goes into a closet to hide. But it was all for aught because her byakugan can see right through anything.

Boruto came convinced that he’d die as a result of Himawari’s conduct. So Boruto pledged noway to offend Himawari again.

10. She and her brother share a lot of interests.

Himawari and Boruto, like Naruto, have blue eyes and whisker markings on their cheeks due to the influence of Kyubi’s chakra.

Another thing they have in common is that they both have ahoge, or foolish hair, on the top of their heads that resembles the stem of a leaf.

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