HORIZON FORBIDDEN WEST: fully action role-playing game

HORIZON FORBIDDEN WEST: actually this is an upcoming video game full of action in it. As this game played from the third-person perspective.

In fact the game will explore the enigmatic bound known as the forbidden west.

As the game filled with a lot of secrets in it. Therefore the game will feature a multitude recognizable locations. In short in this game one of the main addition to the sequel is the component of underwater disquisition.

Actually the game continues the story of ALOY, who was a young huntress of Nora tribe, that sent on a quest to the arcane frontier. To find the way of dark plague that kills all its infects yet.

Simultaneously it is a sequel to 2017’s horizon zero dawn. And the developer of this game is guerrilla games.

On the other hand Sony interactive entertainment published this game for play station4 and play station5.


In the same way the game director is Mathijs de jonge while the narrative director is Benjamin Mccaw.

However it was announced on play station 5 during an event in June 2020, expected to release in late 2021.

Hence the head of PS studios, Hermen hulst announced to release this game in 2021 but due to COVID-19 pandemic, they were having trouble getting access to performance, capture, talent as well.

This games trailer is out now.

Although the premiere of this game scheduled to release in late 2021 shortly.

As I tell everything about this game in these lines but if I even missed any great points in this. Please comment within the comment box so that everyone can share their views on it.

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