How could Kakashi use Susanoo?

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Seems like a plot hole as the Kakashi hatake definitely lost his eye to Madara Uchiha the whole reason why Obito uchiha wants to give Sharingan back to Kakashi. I could live with that maybe he was in a state like edo tensei where the eyes return when you are dead but he seem to have both before he died i Guess its time to start a new thread when did he get both eyes.The plot hole is the fact that each sharingan can have one unique ability and Kakashi hatake pair of eye’s each has a different version of kamui. Obito Uchiha has stated in the past that only a select few can use the Susanoo and implying those who use both Tsukuyomi/Amaterasu can also use Susanoo. Everything aligns perfectly because Susanoo in Japanese Mythology is the 3 sibling of Amaterasu and the Tsukuyomi. Madara moon plan was to reflect his eye to cast the infinite Tsukuyomi That means he is able to use Tsukuyomi in one of his eyes which makes sense as he can use Susanoo also. Up until now, the prerequisite for Susanoo have remained consistent. But now Kakashi hatake come’s out of now here with Susanoo which totally disregards all of Kishimoto previou subtle hints as well the nature of the Japanese mythology.


when madara Uchiha takes away kakashi sharingan his original eye is restored and he gets both his normal eyes back but later when obito Uchiha come back in chakra form and helps kakashi hatake at the time of his departure again obito Uchiha give kakashi his sharingan chakra and some of the six-paths chakra which he stole from madara Uchiha which then enable kakashi hatake to activate his own mangekyo sharingan {MS} in both his eyes in turn allowing him to activate his complete body with susanoo.



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