How did doctor octopus survived and made his return in spider man no way home?

How did doctor octopus: The trailer of Spiderman no way home has come with too much suspense and amazing moments. We know that in Spiderman no way home we are going to see sinister 6 fighting with Spiderman and the concept of the multiverse will be explained in more detail.

How did doctor octopus

In the trailer of Spiderman no way home we saw doctor octopus coming back, but how did he come back? So I have come up with the answer to that. Actually in the spider man 2 movie when doctor falls into the sun that sun was actually turned into a black hole.

and that’s why he went into another universe, that is, the black hole sent him to another universe

and in this movie where we will see multiverse, doctor octopus is also going to come back from some other parallel universe and that’s how he is going to make his return.

How did doctor octopus

What are the Confusions that the teaser trailer has created? (How did doctor octopus)

Although apart from this there are many other confusions that the trailer has created like why doctor strange was really so different in the movie, how did electro came back, can we expect Mysterio in this movie? So there are many mysterious things that are going to happen in this movie

but one thing is sure that marvel is literally hiding many big details from the trailer. There are many things that can happen in the movie there is a possibility that doctor strange in this movie is from another universe because doctor strange in this movie was looking and behaving very differently from how we have seen him in his previous movies and also there is a chance that it was Mysterio who survived and created the illusion of the doctor strange in Spider-Man No way Home

How did doctor octopus

and this multiverse also, there is a chance that it was because of Sylvie that this multiverse was create rather than doctor strange as it is possible that when doctor strange cast that spell at the same time

Sylvie kill he who remains and the same time multiverse got create. So there are many speculations about this movie and no one knows what is going to happen because the story.

that we can interpret from the trailer is just leading to confusion and hence let’s wait and see what is going to happen in the movie. None the less one thing is sure that marvel is planning something big.

How did doctor octopus

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