i just saw chapter 10 of boruto manga.There i saw that the ghost of Otsutski momoshiki told boruto that if someone kills a god they cease to be an ordinary person,and that the blue eyes of him will take everything from him, and that is something i should talk about. that Otsutski momoshiki gave boruto the curse mark, but my question is who gave the kawaki curse mark,did he killed a god too or what.

Boruto being able to perceive Momoshiki’s lingering essence (chakra ghost?) is pretty much the same thing that happened to Hinata in The Last. A lot of people seem to be interpretting the line about Boruto’s blue eyes as foreshadowing a powerup, but having seen the raw, it seems like the opposite to me. Momoshiki is saying his blue eyes his human eyes are a weakness that will bring him suffering. The seal Momoshiki places on his palm strongly resembles a Byakugou. I think it’s safe to assume it contains Momoshiki’s chakra? Or perhaps his “will?” Both? If Boruto is haunted by Momoshiki’s warning and curse, similar to Sasuke’s memories of Itachi and Orochimaru’s curse seal, perhaps it will play a role in him seeking out power. Perhaps he replaced his right eye with a Byakugan to overcome the weakness of his human eyes?
Perhaps he will seek out Toneri to learn more about the Otsutski and his curse? If the seal on his right arm infuses him with Momoshiki’s pure Otsutsuki chakra, and his right eye is a Hyuga Byakugan, then might it be possible for the chakra to resonate with his Byakugan and transform it into a Tenseigan? Perhaps the Byakugou seal is yet another technique passed down through the ages which has its origins with the Otsutsuki? If Boruto’s seal was placed by an Otsutsuki, what of Kawaki’s? Does he also carry the legacy of their clan, or is it an imitation?



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